Yes frick is my ‘safe’ curse word, as the other one that I don’t say around The Baby (also beginning with F) is not so nice!  So all of a sudden my camera doesn’t work anymore – wtf?!  There are lines through the pictures and to get it fixed would cost at least $150.  My gut tells me this won’t be the only problem with this camera – is that silly?  Anyway, in talking about it with The Boyfriend, I got curious as to what most people would do.  Would you send it away and pay to have it fixed?  Or just spend a little more and go get a new camera?  I try not to live the disposable lifestyle so normally I wouldn’t think twice about sending it in, but like I said I just have that feeling, as silly as it sounds.  So tell me what you would do if it were you and your camera…

In other stuff, The Baby had a fantastic day today in her princess costume at school.  So much so that she came home and promptly zonked out on the couch for an hour!  That is the only bad thing about preschool – no naps.  I wanted to share a picture but, can’t do that now can I?  You guys are also doing great getting the comments in – THANK YOU!!  We still haven’t gotten to 975, but hopefully that will happen with this post.  Keep at it!

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  1. You can get a pretty darn nice camera for $150.. I wouldn’t risk sending it away with the possibility of never getting it back. I understand the idea of not wanting to have ‘disposable’ things.. its so hard when appliances and electronics are made to last for such short times.

  2. Meadow

     /  October 31, 2007

    I think I would go for a new camera, who knows what else will go wrong and how much that would cost. Plus the new cameras have some really nice features ;).

  3. I say, if you’ve got that feeling that something else will go wrong, go with that feeling. Best not to stifle it — woman’s/mother’s intuition — don’t mess with it! Go get the new one and enjoy! 🙂

  4. Nicole

     /  October 31, 2007

    I’d go with my gut on an issue like that, because I’m not normally somebody who buys something new every time the old thing has a little problem (you should see my backpack… held together with a combination of safety pins, duct tape, and a hair elastic. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud). $150 would go a long way toward getting a nice new camera that would last a long time.

  5. A pricess costume, how qute! Hope you get a new camera soon.

  6. I would just go and buy a new one, unless it’s a really expensive fancy model (which I’m guessing it isn’t). Cameras are such a fickle thing. Is it a Kodak, by chance?

  7. I hate the disposable electronics too, but unfortunately, it is what it is. I’d go for the new camera, too.

  8. Rats!
    We’d do a cost-benefit analysis. Since we buy cheap cameras, we’d probably end up getting a new one as a result.

  9. What princess was she? My Nyah was Cinderalla and my little neighbors were Cinderalla, Snow White.
    It seemed that the most popular costumes this year were Cinderalla and Spiderman around here this year.

  10. Re: frick
    What the French toast? Works too. LOL


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