Running with one foot glued to the floor

Random stuff today, pretty much what makes up my life right now, minus family stuff.

  • I didn't get to work on the Oregon Vest at all yesterday, but I am making some progress.  One more row until I start the armhole stitches – yay!  I still have a long way to go on this vest but I am loving every minute of it.  I'm starting to really get the hang of the pattern and making fewer mistakes, which is always good.  I can only hope that my skills are decent enough to pull off this knit when all is said, blocked, cut, and done!
  • I have been dying up as much fiber as I possibly can in a day, which isn't a whole lot but I'm getting some stuff done.  I'd like to do a nice hefty update in my Etsy shop before my birthday.
  • I've been reading a lot, every morning when I do the recumbent bike.  It seems to work out well as it is the only time I can find to read, other than doing it late at night when I can't sleep.  I've finished the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series, Dead Until Dark.  It was pretty much just like the True Blood show, with a few differences, some of them pretty major.  I'm 2/3 of the way through the second, Living Dead in Dallas and ready to check the library to see if I can get my hands on the third book as I'll need it pretty soon.  I've seen quite a few people on the internets say that they don't like the books nearly as much as the show, but I have to say they are just fine with me!  It is keeping my interest and pretty entertaining too. 
  • I have a renewed desire to get healthy and lose some weight so I've been exercising like mad.  Okay not really like mad, but I'm doing as much as I can without getting overwhelmed and tiring myself out to the point that I just stop and let it all go.  I feel great, not feeling bloated is pretty great, and I'm very optimistic that I'll keep this going for a while.  I can't look to far into the future with this as that is what really overwhelms me, so I mostly try to do good for the day.  I'm getting pretty tired of the roller coaster that is my health, that is feeling great and doing great and then letting it all go down the tubes after a week or so.  Anyway. 
  • It may not be low fat or low-cal, but I know what I'm having for dinner!  I can't resist.  Since I am the only one in the house who loves mushrooms I can get pretty deprived and seeing that beautiful dish really makes my mouth water.  They can make their own dinner tonight 😉

Have a great weekend!


The Baby’s New Name

So we all know that The Baby is not really so much a baby anymore, being that she will be 5 on her next Img_1543_2
birthday.  I’ve wanted to change her blog name for a long time, but couldn’t really think of any other nickname that I called her.  Well the other day I realized that I do indeed have a name that I call her quite often, so as of today I’m changinImg_1532g it up here.  So we will now call my lovely and free-spirited child Bobita.  A little strange?  Let’s just say that it rhymes with her real name it I like it, and I think it fits her 🙂  This was the one time she didn’t want a picture of her taken, so that’s the best I could do.  Notice the backwards shorts!  Here she is also with her newest toys, bought all with her own money!  She’s been earning an allowance and we took her out this weekend to pick out her own toy, and we will also be helping her to pick a charity to give some of her money to, and setting up her very own bank account.  She’s definitely getting a better start with learning how to manage money than I did!  Luckily we had no problems at the toy store since they had something she could buy for less than $8!

I’m reading a new book, one I first heard of over at Insubordiknit, and well it’s really changing my views.  It is called Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.  It’s also making me feel really guilty about the way I’ve been ‘parenting’ so far.  I’ve really been more of a controller and not a parent.  Why?  Well that’s how I was raised for the most part.  I realize that I need to have a better relationship with my child and treat her with a little more respect than I have been.  So far the book is telling me how traditional discipline is not really beneficial at all, which totally makes sense because it never worked on me!  I still don’t know quite what to do overall yet, I’m only halfway through the book.  But I have been making a real effort to not punish her, to talk to her more, and to not get mad or yell.  I’m not a total ogre, but I do have my moments that I’m not proud of.  At least I’m admitting my problem and I know that I have to change.  Hopefully she’ll be a lot better off if we can be more understanding around here.

Still around

It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve regularly blogged that I don’t even know how to start a post now.  IImg_1011
have been knitting, trying to finish two pairs of socks.  One is the Philosopher’s House Socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book, in my handspun teal BFL.  I like them enough, though the pattern isn’t really exciting and it doesn’t show up all that great in the yarn.  I’m also doing a totally boring stockinette pair on which I just finished the heel.  I’ve also started one of the latest uber-popular patterns in the Ravelry queues, the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Veronik Avery.  I can’t decide if I love or hate the  pattern with the yarn I chose (Pagewood FarmImg_1012
Bamboo sock yarn), but I will keep going until I decide. 

I’ve been reading almost every day while I bike in the mornings, and I’m about halfway through The Hot Zone.  This book is really hard to read.  Between learning what a virus does to a person, (especially about one like Ebola) and then about what happens to the monkeys that are used in labs, sometimes my stomach just turns thinking about it.  But it is very interesting andImg_1013_2
captivating despite what I just said about it.  I’m surprised I’m not having nightmares about it!

That’s all I’ve got, have a great day!  Hopefully next time I write I’ll have some finished socks to show off 🙂

Missing in Action?

That’s me I guess!  I’ve been knitting here and there, not nearly enough, but I’m still exercising a ton and I’mImg_0994
happy about that.  I’ve been reading in the mornings while I do my recumbent biking, and I finished a book and started a new one.  Along with the exercise, I’ve lost a little weight, not a lot but at this point I will take anything I can get!  The details are on my other blog if you are really interested.  I cut The Baby’s hair, a little shorter then I had planned to but it turned out super cute anyway.  We have next week off from school and I’m looking forward to spending a little extra time with The Baby.

I also became an aunt again!  My brother and his wife had their babyImg_0995 yesterday afternoon and I’m so excited for them!  I don’t know her as well as I want to, but I’m sure they will both be great parents and have a blast doing it too. 

I guess I’ll leave it at that for now, and show you some knitting stuff next week.  I hope there are still some of you reading this and everyone hasn’t abandoned me!  Have a great weekend 🙂

Plugging Away

I’ve been busy again all weekend.  Knitting and trying to organize and clean up my house has kept me occupied, even though I don’t seem to be getting very far with all of it.  I have some finished stuff that still needs photos or actual finishing like blocking and sewing on of buttons.  When I actually do get all of it done it will be a Finished Object Festival over here for about a week!

I finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns – it was amazing.  It is so hard to read about how hard life can be for people, especially when their lives are torn apart by war.  Yes the book is fiction, but it is definitely a glimpse into what can be reality for many many real people.  It wasn’t all gloom and doom though, there is a touching story of love and finding friendship where one wouldn’t expect, and hope as well.  I know I don’t put things as they are stirring around in my head, so I’ll just end my review there and tell you to read it!  The next book I started this morning is this one.  I’m not obsessed with war, I swear – these books have all been
sitting around for well over 6 months (at least) and I’m just going through the pile getting them read. 

I started a new project needing something quick andImg_0873 easy to knit.  It is the Multidirectional Scarf and I’m using some Berroco Jasper.  The yarn isn’t terribly variegated so the effect isn’t as cool as it could possibly be, but I’m enjoying it anyway.  The biggest variation I’m getting is those lighter stripes going through the reds and browns.  I’m halfway done as I only got two skeins of this yarn, so it should probably be done today or tomorrow.  I’m also working away on my Saddle Shoulder Sweater with about 11 inches done on the body.  Being all stockinette, it is good reading knitting and so it also should get lots of progress this week.  Also on thImg_0834_1_1e knitting front, I finished up the Hemlock Ring Blanket on Saturday night, yay!  I don’t have enough pins to block it though, so I’m waiting on that. 

Img_0805_1_1I am feeling better, a lot more so than last week and thank you for the kind comments.  We tried to have a good time, Friday afternoon/evening was spent building a mini sledding hImg_0875ill for The Baby and it turned out pretty good!  She had a blast on it too.  Every time I go into the kitchen I have these pretty flowers that finally opened up to brighten my mood too, so that helps.  I’m looking forward to SnB this week, and I get to go spend the night at my sister’s house this weekend so they can go have a nice anniversary present and I’ll be surrounded by small children – it should be fun!! 

Busy busy with no pictures

I have been very busy with knitting and reading over the weekend.  I have lots to share with you but I don’t have any pictures, how lame!  Oh well, at least I can tell you about it.  I finally blocked my Logan River Wrap and after a day of drying, it came out incredibly beautiful, lovely, and oh so cozy.  I love it so, so much!  Hopefully we’ll get a photo shoot here soon so I can share it with you. 

I also finished up a baby top that I was making for my sister-in-law, good thing because the shower is this Saturday.  I know I just gave most of it away, but she knew I was making something anyway so no biggie – I just hope she likes it. 

I worked a bunch on my Girlfriend’s Swing Coat that has been on the needles for way too long.  I’m using Mission Falls Cotton, but I ran out.  So I need to get about two more balls before I can finish it, and let me tell you it is super cute!  It is probably a combination of girl and garment that make it so cute, more of the girl though I’m sure 😉

I also started a new sweater!  I’m making the Brooks Sweater, or Saddle Shoulder Sweater, using The Opinionated Knitter.  So far I have a contrasting hem in Silky Wool done, along with about 3 inches of the body in some Karabella Majestic.  So far I really like it, even though the yarn can be a little annoying sometimes.  It is a pretty dark blue though, so I cannot complain!

I finished a book that I don’t really need to talk about, and started another, A Thousand Splendid Suns.  So far (about halfway through in two days) it is living up to all of my expectations.  I will say though that I’m trying very hard to not cry as much as I did when reading The Kite Runner – so far so good.  The story is very touching and heartbreaking at the same time.   I don’t know what else to say about it right now, other than it is very powerful. 

That’s about all I’ve got today, stay tuned for some picture posts and some pretty cool Finished Objects!

I am America (And So Can You!)

If you’re looking for knitting content, stick around, I will have some!  I have some finished stuff that needs either blocking or a photo, I just have to get around to doing it.  I had a few more pictures of my most favoritest thing from our vacation, but it is ‘just’ more trees and I think I’ll save them for another day. 

I finished up this book the other day and I wanted to share my thoughts.  This book was fantastically hilarious, just like the show only better.  You don’t have to stop reading after a half-hour’s worth of funny!  Stephen gives his opinons through the whole book, from Higher Education to Old People and even Science.  It was especially fun reading it after I had just finished another opinionated book by ‘Papa Bear’ – or is it ‘Bert’?.  The are complete opposites in a similar way, which is just how Colbert intends it.  If you watch The Report, you’ll get it.  If you don’t, well you won’t.  All I can say is I laughed so hard through the entire book and I’m convinced that Stephen Colbert is one of the most intelligent people out there, and he’s extremely funny too.  I would vote for Colbert, if he wasn’t so damn funny and if they’d only put him on a ballot 🙂  Anyway, the book is great, I’d buy it (and I did) just for the fact that there is a copy of his infamous speech at the White House Correspondence dinner.  You’ve gotta admire a man who would stick it to the administration and the press like he did and not even think twice about it.  If you like him, go get it and read it.  It would be a great companion now that the writer’s strike is going on and we probably won’t get to see him again for a while 😦

Random Post

I don’t have a real post, but I’ve got a few random things to share here goes it.

  • Too cool: This week I got a letter in the mail from the DMV offering me the chance to renew my license by mail.  Believe me, I jumped at the chance to forego the endless line at the DMV and starting filling the form out right away.  Then I noticed where it said "Renew online"!  Even better, since I don’t have an actual check to send to anyone at the moment – use the credit card, awesome!  The only downside I guess is that it can take 2 months to process and even then you might not qualify or whatever.  I’m taking the risk anyway, how could I not?!
  • I’ve noticed that I am wierdly anal about some wierd things, the one I’m thinking about most lately (because I am having a can of soup almost everyday now) is that I cannot bring myself to eat my soup with the same spoon that I stir it with in the pan.  What is up with that?!  I think it is because sometimes you get a little film of sorts on the spoon from stirring, but one would think you could just rinse it off and all would be well.  Not so. 
  • I’ve already started reading a new book, probably the exact opposite of the one I just read.  It’s from the author of I Am America (And So Can You!), I Am Amercia (And So Can You!).  So far it is absolutely hilarious, I laugh at least once on every paragraph.  I heart Stephen Colbert 🙂
  • I added a new project (shame on me!) to my sidebar over there.  I’m doing a top-down raglan with some DK Peace Fleece that I have on hand.  I should be knitting some other things, but oh well.  I find that I am more happy when I just knit what I want, not what I think I have to!
  • I got something different in the mail yesterday, some hemp top from Aurora Silk.  It is supposed to get carded with some cotton fiber that I bought at Three Wishes and then get crocheted into a yarn holder – a project from Spin-Off but right now I don’t have the issue handy.  Anyway, we’ll see if that ever happens.  I want to try it, but I’m not sure I want to do the carding by hand!

That’s about all I can think of now, so have a great weekend!

Culture Warrior

First off let me say to my dear sister, in no way should you take any of what I say personally, you know that right?!!  (She is a fan of the O’Reilly)  I should also say that in what little I’ve watched his show, there have been some brief moments that he is actually entertaining – of course that is what it is about, entertainment, not news!

That said, this book was mostly laughable to me.  When I’m flipping channels at 9:00 pm in between The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and I come across The O’Reilly Factor, I hardly see this man as a Culture Warrior.  Supposedly his thing is calling out the media for what they fail to present or cover.  While that is a worthwile cause and it does need to be done since most of the media I know of is useless, I don’t think the O man does that great of a job.  Especially since he apparently had Ann Coulter on after she made some pretty heinous comments about a certain group of people needing to be perfected, and he failed to call her out and actually said he didn’t care about what she said.  If anyone needs to be called out it is Ann Coulter, no?  Just one example.  I agree with him that just because you can do something it doesn’t mean that you should do it (we can get a little carried away in our culture today).  That’s about the only thing good I can say about his book.  I won’t talk about it too much because honestly, who really cares about this guy or his book?!  The whole thing is an attack on secular-progressives – I had never even heard this term before – and how they will ruin America if they have their way.  Well last time I checked, America was based on free speech and the freedom to have different ideas and opinions.  That is part of what makes our country great, right?, that just one type of people doesn’t have ultimate power and makes all of the decisions.  It takes many different people and ideas to come up with good things for all of us, whatever party we belong to.  I tried to understand him but I just can’t, and besides some pretty vile things that are going on, I just don’t see what the big deal is. 

And I’m sorry that ‘the left’ is so dominating of the media and comedy, but do you think it could be that ‘the right’ just sucks at it?!  The best they could do was the Half Hour News Hour and that was the poorest excuse of a show I have ever seen.  Maybe if O’Reilly could convince traditionalists and conservatives to put it out there in a better way (and not just on Fox!) people would start to want to listen to them, maybel?

Anyway, a sentence that sums up my experience reading Culture Warrior?  Hmmmm…it would have to be this:

I’m glad that’s over!

The Assault on Reason and my garden

100_2796I finished reading The Assault on Reason yesterday.  It really made me wake up, after I got completely outraged at how we have been purposely deceived by our current administration.  And after I got outraged, I did this – if you see this car, it’s me!  I just had to voice my opinion somehow, and that seemed like a good way to do it.  Let me say that I consider myself neither Republican or Democrat, I am more Green party than anything.  But the lies and manipulation tactics that the current administration uses are despicable and disgusting.  I’m afraid for our democracy as we know it, or used to know it?  Let me also say that Gore’s book didn’t tell me to pait that on my car, I have been thinking of doing that and more for a while now.  Anyway, I don’t want to go too far off the deep end.  It is a good book and it isn’t all bad news, there is a lot of hope that we can turn our system around, even if it will take a while.  My goal now is to find as much information as I can about things that matter to me and about what’s going on in a non-biased way and stay connected to the whole process of democracy100_2787 .  So I have a question for you – where do you get your ‘bi-partisan’, un-biased news?  I’ve been reading the NYTimes online, and I listen to a lot of NPR.  I also check out sometimes.  I’m new to all of this stuff, but I do want to be well-informed, so if you’ve got some good tips let me have ’em!  And don’t worry, I’m not going to try and turn this blog into a political one, mostly because I would suck at it. 

100_2790I have been knitting too, my first Dalarna sock is almost done.  I’ve been working a little here and there on the Show Your Colors Shawl too.  That’s about it in the way of knitting.  I was able to get a ton of yard work done over the last few days, mostly weeding in the garden.  The garden is doing so great, we have had fresh zucchini every day for the last week and a half.  We also planted lots of pepper plants, and are now starting to enjoy fresh jalapenos, 100_2792anaheims, and cayennes.  Too bad none of the bell pepper plants grew.  The coolest thing I think though are the pumpkins.  These are a small variety so they won’t get much bigger than this one, but there are a lot of them – I counted around 20 the other day!  I’m excited for the garden to keep doing well and looking forward to lots of fresh veggies to come.  Even though weeding sucks, I love everything else about having a nice garden.  I guess that’s all I’ve got today.