Venting about my knee

My knee has been acting up on the last couple of runs. I felt it on my 8 miler Sunday and then again yesterday. Its pissing me off!! So here’s whats randomly going through my mind:

  • I worked too hard last Thursday when I ‘raced’ 5 miles.
  • I’ve been running too much overall, even though my body felt really good up until now.
  • I will probably never be able to run a marathon 😦
  • I have 4 races in the next 3 months that I’m signed up for, will I be able to do those?!
  • I can take some time off of running, but I don’t want to, and I don’t know how much time I’d need.
  • I really should get in to see a doctor.
  • I really should get a trainer so I can avoid injury, but have NO idea where to start looking. And is that a guarantee I won’t get injured? I don’t think so.
  • Maybe I should take low weeks every 4 weeks instead of 6.
  • I don’t even know if my knee is ‘hurt’. I feel it when I run, but it isn’t painful. I just always back off because I’m taking it as a warning sign that something isn’t right.
  • I really should get in to see a doctor.

Ugh. Well I guess from here I will take some time off from running and just do elliptical instead. I didn’t feel my knee until a few miles into my run though, so maybe low miles are okay? Maybe I’m just running too many days a week. This happened before when I was only running 4 days a week though.

It makes me so mad. I am doing SO good!! All I want to do is run and be healthy, and I’ll seriously be pissed if I can’t end up running the marathon this year. I think I will just give up for good if it comes to that.

Okay, vent over. I don’t feel any better though!!

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  1. I think rest is the best thing. Even though I am not a runner, I get Runners World magazine through my nieces girl scout fund raiser and even they suggest not running, which I know is hard for people who love to run.

    I also bought a Tommie Copper sleeve – not sure what else to call it, but if I feel any sort of tweak in my knee, I wear it when working out, and it feels find during and after exercise.

    • I think you are right, and I’m taking a rest day in hopes that it will help. I do have a sleeve and I wore it the other day while running but it didn’t seem to help.


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