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Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a 39 year old mom of an amazing 11 year old girl.IMG_0027 I live with The Boyfriend of 12 years in Utah. I love to cook, eat, run, and play! I am a self-professed pretty good cook, though most of my meals aren’t fancy, they just taste good. I love to try new thigs and there is really nothing I won’t try in the kitchen!

I love to eat (who doesn’t?!). I try to keep it simple. I have experimented with a lot of different ways of eating, but I pretty much just eat what I want. I try to eat lots of whole foods, but if I want other stuff like Oreos or Ben & Jerry’s, I eat it. I figure it is all about moderation. I’ve done plenty of diets in my time, and they all kind of made me crazy in the end. So I don’t diet anymore. Quitting dieting was a great decision, and ultimately helped me to lose weight. (Check out my weight loss story here.)

I like to run.  I’ve been working at building up my running all year, currently doing 25 miles per week.  In my short running ‘career’ I’ve done 2 5k races and 5 half marathons.  My best time was 2 hours and 9 minutes for a half marathon.  My goal for next year is to run the Portland Marathon!

What is life without play?!  And there is plenty of it with my daughter around!  We try not to have too serious of a life, getting out to play as much as we can and just enjoying our time.  I work full time managing one of The Boyfriend’s 7-11s.  My favorite hobbies are knitting and spinning yarn.  In the warmer months I love to get outdoors and camp, hike, and whatever else comes up.

This blog is a space for me to ramble, post recipes, talk about my efforts to lose/maintain weight, and to just plain say what I’m thinking.  I hope you’ll join me in my journey toward a fit and fun life!

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  1. If you would like to continue your UNPROCESSED journey I am happy to send you a copy of my book by the same name.

    Love & Kale,
    Chef AJ


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