Last week 126.4 pounds, 26% body fat

This week 127.4 pounds, 26% body fat

I’m up a pound, but I’ve been weighing at 125 most of the week, so I’m up 2 pounds really. I’ve been eating higher calories all week. Yesterday I ate lots of stuff, mostly sweets. Don’t really feel good about it, but I don’t want to beat myself up about it either. All I can do is treat myself better today. I think I’m going to go through the cupboards and get rid of all of the stuff that I don’t truly love to eat, so I’m not just mindlessly grabbing stuff all day long. There is so much in the way of treats in the house, I kind of feel like I have to have some of all of it. But I’m having more than some of all of it! Its almost like I’m doing last chance eating. Even though I don’t plan on changing that much come the new year. Hopefully I’ll cut it out this week.

This week’s workouts:

Sunday I did a long run of 8 miles. It was cold and snowy but not horrible. I actually ran a pretty good pace too, 9:03! The whole thing took me 1:13.

Monday was a 3 mile run and weights. My run took 27 minutes, 9:03 pace. For weights all I had time to do was deadlifts. I think I did 7 sets total, with the 35# plates. It felt good.

Tuesday I did 4.17 miles in 38 minutes/9:05 pace. This was a wet one, it had snowed but it was on the warm side so there was a lot of slush and water happening. My socks got soaked! It was a good run though.

Wednesday should have been a run and weights but I skipped the weights. I was trying to get stuff done ahead of time for Christmas and I didn’t want to feel too pressed for time. I did 3 miles, 27 minutes/8:52 pace.

Thurdsay was 5.41 miles, 51 minutes/9:24 pace. I just tried for easy, but it wasn’t that easy. It was pretty cold and really windy.

Friday I did 3.12 miles, 32 minutes/10:22 pace. We got a bunch of snow Christmas Eve and Morning so I was running in a few inches of fresh fluff. It definitely took me more time. It felt so awesome! I was just happy to be alive and out running, even if it was in the cold and snow. It is always beautiful to be out in the fresh snow too. I did weights afterward – squats, shoulder presses, back extensions, and calf raises. I ended up working out for about an hour and a half that day!

Saturday was a rest day! 😀

Totals – 26.73 miles, total workout time 4 hours 58 minutes.

This week I am definitely going to do better with eating. Like I said, I don’t want to beat myself up, but I don’t like the binge type eating that I’m doing. And I don’t really know why I’m doing it?! Like I want to sabotage my efforts. No. I don’t. Anyway. Just going to do better and eat more sensibly.



I weighed in again today, with not much change. I am exactly the same weight as last week, 134.8, but the body fat went from 31 to 29%! I don’t know if I’ve seen it that low. If I have, it has been like 10 years! So that was kind of cool 🙂 I’ll wait to see if that one sticks before I call that goal met. It has been bouncing around 30 and 31 for a couple of months now. I also did my measurements since it is close to the end of the month. I am down another inch overall.

YTD loss: 17.4 pounds, 8.5% body fat, 11.25 inches.

I have really been trying to eat to hunger this week, save my nightly treats. I know that is going to be a hard habit to break. But I’m contemplating it. That’s the first step, right? Well maybe I can improve this coming week. We’ll see. If I don’t stop eating ice cream every night maybe I can just make the portions a little smaller.

I did all of my planned workouts this week! Well, I skipped a run on Tuesday but I made up for it on Friday. As for weights, I have been doing squats and more squats. I’m itching to get back to deadlifts and pull-ups, but I don’t know when that will be. A while, I’m sure. Anyway, I ran on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday was 4 miles and the rest were 2 and 3 miles. I did add one more run day so from now on I will be running 4 days a week.

So I’m still going really slow and steady. But according to all of my numbers I am not really losing any muscle which has been the main goal all along! And every pound I have lost has just stayed gone. I haven’t been able to do that since the first time I lost weight. I just kept losing for about a year, but then I started to gain it back. So yes, the goals are losing fat and keeping it off, and I am doing it!! It feels great.


Weigh-in and workouts

First of all the weigh-in. I was gaining small amounts of weight over the last three weeks but today that changed! I really focused this week on the 3-4 meals only, and reigned it it at dinner/treat time. My portions got a lot smaller this week for sure. And I just kept on doing my thing otherwise. It paid off because today I’m 136.6 and 30.5% body fat! That’s the lowest this year on both. I am so close to getting under both 135 and 30%! Those are what I have my eye on now. Hopefully either or both will happen soon!

Also, I don’t really care too much about this one, but I think my BMI is normal now too vs. overweight. So there’s that too 🙂


I worked all day but I still ran after I got home. I wanted to go outside but the sky was threatening thunder and lighting so I just went on the treadmill. I watched an episode of Sense8 while I ran for about a half an hour. That show is so weird!


TTBA phase 2, workout #7. This was leg focused. I didn’t really feel like I worked that hard, but when I was done I was wiped! I seriously hate single leg split squats, but I know they must be doing a good thing lol


TTBA phase 2, workout #8. Mixed grip chin ups again. I tried to grip really hard and this time it was a little bit better. I am still pretty bad at them.


I got out for an early morning run. I was so tired! But I survived. I did 3.1 in 30 minutes. I also found out that my Fitbit One is shorting me on distance. I checked the miles on Dailymile, and it was off by more than half a mile! I think my Fitbit Surge gives me extra distance lol


Strength again, workout #9. I am getting better at the trap bar deadlifts! That 50 pounds on a 75 pound bar are getting a tiny bit easier?!


Workout#10. I used my smaller resistance band for all of my pull ups. Normally I switch, but I just did as many reps as I could on each set, which was only 3 for the last 4 sets.


I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run today, so I got in a run on Saturday. It was a pretty great one! I did 3.63 miles for a 9:03 pace!! The route I run in the mornings has two long-ish hills, so if I do an out and back I have 3 uphills. Sometimes it is tough! So runs like these are very pleasing to me 🙂



A little behind?

Last post March 3rd! Yes, I’m a little behind. I just don’t know what to do with this blog anymore. And I know that budget posts are not that exciting 😆 I feel pretty busy and when I think about blogging, half of the time I don’t know what to say, and if I say it who will care anyway?!

I have been busy. Work is slightly starting to pick up, but not enough for me to get excited at all about it. My days are just filled with working out, work, and then dinner and some web-surfing.

I did read a book though! I haven’t read an actual book in forever. It was called Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry and I quite enjoyed it. I picked up another from the library and started it, but I realized it was last in a big series – 10 books – so I quit reading it after 2 chapters. So next time I go to the library I’ll get another book, or read one here that I haven’t yet.

Active life is still the same. I am going to do the last workout of the Beginner Blast-off in Train to be Awesome today! Then I will do a reload week and then get on with the next phase. I’ve been trying to run on days when I’m not lifting and that’s going well too. I’m just doing lower miles, kind of following a 15k training plan. I’m not getting injured, well, I did fall yesterday morning but I think I’m okay!

And of course there is the weight loss department. I am keeping track of stuff but not weighing/checking in very often. In March I did weigh more than I wanted to and I realized I didn’t really like it. So in April I’m not going to weigh or measure at all. It will be a little hard, but I’ve made up my mind and so that’s that. Anyway, the March results were pretty good. I lost 2.6 pounds, 1% body fat (according to my scale), and .5 inches. Not bad for eating what I want, which includes ice cream, pizza, frozen yogurt, you name it. I’ve been eating it. And I’m not counting a thing or excluding anything. It’s really brainless, and I love that part. Am I losing very slowly? Sure am. This year so far I am down about 7 pounds. In 3 months that doesn’t sound like a lot. But I’ll repeat myself and say that I am absolutely sure that this time I am truly working on making sustainable habit changes, and this slow weight loss is going to stick! The only downside is that it is so easy, that that in itself makes it harder than anything I’ve ever done 😆 It is always more exciting to start some stupid new diet plan or count calories and calculate everything I will do. Now I just eat I what I want and move my body. There is no calorie goal, no burn goal, not even a weight goal or an end date. I’m just changing my life, for life, and it is hard to give the energy I was using up on all of that crap to something else. It is definitely a process.

Anyway, that’s that for now!

Weighing and checking in

We are 10 days into the new year, so I’m checking in with my goals and weighing in. On January 1st I weighed in at 152.2 and 37.5% body fat (yikes). Today I am 150.4 and 36%. So down 1.8 pounds and 1.5% body fat. Not bad! I have truly been eating what I want, and really trying to just eat when I’m hungry. Some days are better than others. I’ve been eating ice cream for dessert almost every day, although today it was 1 1/2 chocolate gluten free cupcakes made by M. Gluten free only because K has given up wheat and she wanted to make something for all of us. They were still very tasty! I made a big pot of chicken breast and white beans mid-week and I’ve eaten those 4 days in a row. Right now I almost don’t even care what I eat, just trying to do mostly balanced meals, though I’m kind of slacking on vegetables. So I am going to try and eat more veg. Need to make another big salad to have at the ready, and just cook a veg or two with dinner no matter what.

One problem I’ve had the last few days is eating too late in the afternoon, making me not really hungry at dinner time. I’ve eaten anyway, something small, but I’d like to not wait so long so that I can be hungry for and enjoy dinner more.

I also exercised yesterday for the first time in weeks! I got on the treadmill in the morning and warmed up with walking for 5 minutes and then alternated running at 5 mph for about 3 minutes with walking for 2 minutes. I finished with 5 minutes of walking for a total of 45 minutes. It felt good. So I will do it more often. As part of listening to my body, I’m just going to do what I feel like. I’m not going to do some set schedule or training program (unless I want to!), just going to do what feels good and not too overwhelming. Hopefully I will avoid burnout that way.

In other goals, I have been doing some knitting but not much else. I need to break out the sewing machine and do something with that. I have projects to finish and some to just share pictures of. I could be doing more, so I’m going to aim for just 10 minutes a day of some kind of crafting.

I haven’t been doing any Spanish lessons 😦 I just need to get going on it. I will get some done today, and try to reach my goal for points every day.

Last but not least, still not drinking. It’s only been 10 days but a couple of them have been really long ones 😆 Not that I’m counting down really, but only 355 more to go.

Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

Last week 142.8, 32.5% body fat

This week 141.6, 32% body fat

Things are still moving in the right direction!  For the past few days I was thinking that I wouldn’t see much of a loss this week, but 1.2 is still great.  And the body fat% is still going down!  My lowest body fat% this year was after the juice fast at 30.5 – I’m getting close!  I measured today as well, but am only seeing a .5 inch loss – some places I measured two weeks ago were up a half inch, but I am down in my chest, belly, and hips – .5 for each!

I stayed pretty close to my 1750 calorie goal for a couple of days but then I started to get really hungry.  There was one day that I just could not satisfy my stinkin’ hunger!  So I ate a little more.  My average daily calories were 1910 though, so still not over by much.  I ran out of lettuce and so my salads went away and then got a lot smaller when I did start making them again – I think my belly missed the volume of food I usually had at lunch 😆  I have also been bombing on the protein intake.  I think I only reached 100 grams on one day.  That might also be making me feel hungrier, so I am really going to try and get it back up this week.

Here are my workouts that I did last week:

  • Wednesday – 3 mile run, SS workout 10 minutes, boot camp 1 hour
  • Thursday –  4 mile run, boot camp 1 hour
  • Friday – Elliptical 30 minutes, SS workout 10 minutes 3 mile run
  • Saturday – Took a real rest day!
  • Sunday – 3.13 mile run in the rain!
  • Monday – Elliptical 3.5 miles/30 minutes, SS workout 20 minutes, boot camp 1 hour
  • Tuesday – 35 minutes yoga

Other stats:

  • Average daily fitbit steps 16,556
  • Average daily fitbit calories burned 2454

So for this week I’m going to try and get the protein back up, trying to get some with every meal.  I’m also going to try and get more walking in since my step count has really gone down.  I would like to see it at 20,000 daily at least.  I’m going to try and get a lot more veggies in than I did this past week.  It was more of a carb week, I guess I needed it?  Other than that I’m just going to keep on doing my training schedule for the half marathon in October.  I was worried that my knee was acting up, but it seems to be doing okay for now.  If I am going to cancel my reservations it needs to happen in 8 days or less, so unless something happens this week the half is still on.  And I haven’t missed a run yet!!

Looking forward to another good week 😀

Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

It seems like all my blog is lately is budget posts and weigh-ins.  I’m trying to figure out how I want to change it up, but really, my days are so uneventful most of the time.  I don’t know what else I would write 😆  I really want to try and do more in the kitchen and share more food and recipes.  Hopefully I will get on that!

Anyway, here is my weigh-in for the week:

Last week 144.8, 33% body fat

This week 142.8, 32.5% body fat

I lost 2 pounds this week!  Down .5% in body fat is great too!  I just checked my starting weight for August and somehow I lost 4.8 pounds since then 😀  Since I got serious in July, I was thinking I really wasn’t making a lot of scale progress, but I have.  Overall since then I’m down 6 pounds, 3.5% body fat, and 5.75 inches.  That’s fantastic!!!

Here’s what I did for workouts last week:

  • Wednesday – 17 minute elliptical warmup, System Six Week 1 workout 2, 3 mile run, Boot Camp – I know that sounds like a lot but it was all split up and the SS workout only took like 10 minutes!
  • Thursday – 4 mile run, Boot Camp
  • Friday – 30 minutes elliptical, SS Week 1 Workout 3, 3 mile run, 2.75 mile walk
  • Saturday – 1 hour yoga
  • Sunday – 8 mile run
  • Monday – 40 minutes elliptical, SS W2 Workout 1, 1 hour walk
  • Tuesday – 1 hour 12 minute walk, 35 minutes yoga

Other stats:

  • Average daily exercise 1 hour 42 minutes
  • Average daily calories 1906
  • Average daily fitbit steps 20,621
  • Average daily fitbit calories burned 2573

So, this was my first week trying to create a larger deficit.  It went ok.  It obviously worked out pretty good because I got results!  I didn’t actually stick to the 1750 calories I was aiming for.  I went over pretty much every day of the weekend, not by a lot since I was under 2100 even then.  I was going for perfection of course 😉 but I’m not going to beat myself up either!  I don’t want to start feeling like this is the worst thing I have ever done, so I’m just going to go with it and do my best.  So far, so good.

I am doing great with not being mean to myself about my body!  I haven’t had one time where I’ve looked in the mirror and didn’t really like what I saw.  And I have been looking in the mirror a lot, believe me!  Whether I like my body or not, it can do some pretty cool things.  I like to think of it as strong, fluffy as it may be 😉  It doesn’t really matter since it takes me on 90 minute runs in the mountains and super hard boot camp classes, and then some.

The change in how I’m feeling right now versus even two months ago is HUGE.  I much prefer taking care of myself over giving up, drinking too much, and being lazy on the couch.  I may be exercising too much (which is subjective), but I feel like I need and want to, to not feel like going back in the other direction.  Not that I do feel like going backwards to my unhealthy self.  I don’t really know how to explain it!  All I know is that I’m feeling pretty great about myself right now and that is big for me, and I want to hold onto that so I will do whatever I have to do.

Oh, I am still on my once a week weigh!  It was tempting to hop on more, only for brief moments.  I really wanted to know if what I was doing this week was working!  I’m glad that it is 🙂

Here’s to another great week!

Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

Time for another weigh-in!

Last week 146, 33.5% body fat.

This week 144.8, 33% body fat.

Down 1.2 pounds and half a percent in body fat!  One of my big goals right now is to get under 30% body fat.  I haven’t seen that in a very long time – years – so that will be awesome once I get there again.  Getting closer!  I also measured this morning and I am down 2 inches as well!

Did good on workouts this week too:

  • Wednesday – Half hour of yoga, 4 mile run, Boot Camp
  • Thursday – Half hour of yoga, 3.67 mile run, killer Boot Camp
  • Friday – An hour and 20 minutes of yoga!
  • Saturday – 2.37 mile run
  • Sunday – 7 mile run
  • Monday – 17 minute elliptical warmup, System Six week 1 workout 1, Boot Camp
  • Tuesday – 50 minutes yoga

Other stats:

  • Average daily steps 12,780
  • Minutes exercised 584
  • Average daily calories 2080
  • Average daily calories burned according to Fitbit 2494

So, I am going to change things up again.  Surprise, surprise 😆  Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything crazy!  I’m just going to cut my calories a bit.  I’ve decided to just get the fat loss moving, rather than going so slow like I have been.  It has been great eating more for sure!  But I think I am ready to get things moving along faster.  I’m aiming for 1750 calories a day, about 500 less than what I’ve been eating.  I’m still eating what I want to, just smaller portions.  I’ve been sticking to 3 meals a day the best I can, and I’m really liking that.  I don’t have to worry about how much to eat or running out of calories.  I just eat an appropriate sized meal and I’m good.  I’m also going to try and get my protein up.  I haven’t really been able to get much over 80 grams most days!  I’m shooting for at least 100 grams per day.  I hit that the past three days and it was pretty easy – just really need to focus on a good protein source for each meal!  I’ve been doing the cut for the last 3 days and it hasn’t been hard at all.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens with it next week as far as the weigh-in.

I’m also starting a new workout that I bought last year but never did anything with.  It’s called System Six by Josh Hillis.  It’s pretty much kettlebells and bodyweight exercises three times a week.  I think it will be good for me, as most of the workouts are ‘easy’.  I have a tendency to overdo it and then end up shooting myself in the foot.  So less will probably be better for me.  I’m going to try and do it for a whole year!!  We’ll see.  I may get totally bored with it but the way it’s written changes it up every week, so I hope I will stick to it.  So I think that combined with Boot Camp will be pretty good for strength building.  And fat loss, I hope!

I am still keeping up with the non-daily weigh-ins.  I only weighed once this week 🙂  I’m thinking that eventually I’ll even move it to bi-weekly, and then monthly.  As long as I’m doing what’s right for my body then there isn’t really a need to weigh that much.  For someone who has done it for SO long it is a total head game, so it is a big deal to not be doing it every day anymore and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Here’s to another great week!

Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

Weigh-in time!

Last week 147, 33.5% body fat

This week 146, 33.5% body fat

Lost a pound!  I’m feeling particularly proud of this week for a few reasons.  1) I did not weigh since last Wednesday!  It was mostly easy, since we were gone camping from Thursday to Sunday, but I was very tempted to hop right back on on Monday.  But I didn’t.  See self?  You can say you will or won’t do things and follow through!  😆  2) I was camping for 3 1/2 days.  I wasn’t counting any calories or doing too much of anything besides walking to the lake and fishing.  Well I did run a bit on Saturday and then 6 miles on Sunday, but other than that I was just relaxing!  I ate dessert every day, cookies and cake balls and such.  I’m proud because I just kind of did what I wanted and tried to pay attention to my eating, trying not to eat too much.  I guess it worked!

Here’s what I did through the week:

  • Thursday – 3.86 miles run, 20 minutes yoga
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 2.13 miles run at 10,000 feet!
  • Sunday – 6 miles run again at Mirror Lake
  • Monday – 2.4 miles, Boot Camp
  • Tuesday – 1 hour yoga

So it’s back to Boot Camp this week.  Funny thing, I thought a week off from it would leave me all refreshed and ready to kill it, but that wasn’t the case.   I got my ass kicked on Monday!!  I am also thinking of trying another program that I bought a while ago, more focused on bodyweight and kettlebells.  We’ll see.  I don’t know if doing extra strength besides Boot Camp is smart or stupid.

I’m also kind of questioning what I’m doing and if it is indeed the right thing for me right now.  I am always doing that!!  I’m wanting to quit formally tracking my food, and I almost want to quit weighing so much again, maybe even just go to once a month.  I guess I can’t decide though, so for now I’m just waffling out loud.  I’ll probably just keep going like I have been.  The counting isn’t making me crazy, yet, so I guess I will keep doing it.

I want to do more yoga too, like daily even if it is just for 20-30 minutes.  I think it will help iron out the kinks in my body.  I got up and did it first thing this morning, even before coffee!  I always feel great after I do it so more is a good idea.

So yeah, a pound lost, go me 🙂

This week is the second of a little bit more mileage and two more running days.  I will read up on the program I’m thinking about doing, and get on the daily yoga.  I’m going to keep tracking my food this week, and stay off of the scale.  Running in the mountains was so much fun that I want to try again for at least one of my weekend runs, maybe my longer one on Sunday.  I’m ready to have a good week.

Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

So first the weigh-in.

Last week I was 148 and 34% body fat, today I am 147 and 33.5% body fat.  So down 1 pound and .5% body fat.

That’s actually pretty good!  I’m not sure if cutting down my activity this week has anything to do with it, we’ll see what happens when I go back to doing Boot Camp.

Stats for the week:

  • Average daily calories 2254
  • Average daily steps 14393
  • I exercised for 1,159 minutes!  That includes a 4 hour hike over the weekend, so if you take that out that is still 2+ hours daily.  Wow!

My workouts for the week:

  • Saturday – 8 mile hike to Gobbler’s Knob Peak
  • Sunday – 5 mile run
  • Monday – 1 hour yoga, 50 minutes elliptical, The Firm Body Sculpting video, 90 minute walk
  • Tuesday – 50 minutes yoga

I’m changing up my schedule starting this week, I’m going to attempt 2 more low mileage running days per week, like 1-2 miles.  I’m hoping that if I just continue to do all ‘easy’ runs then it won’t affect me or end up in injury.  If I feel like it isn’t working then I’ll back off again.  I just feel like 3 days is not enough.  I’m going to keep doing Boot Camp, it starts again next week, and I’m going to cut my formal weights workouts to twice a week.  I’m going to make sure I do yoga twice a week, but really I’m going to aim for daily yoga.  It doesn’t have to be full on strength stuff every day, just mostly doing it for the stretching and the relaxation factor 🙂  I hope this helps with evening things out in my body!  I’m feeling tight lately so hopefully the yoga will really help.  The reason behind cutting weights back one day is purely for running.  I do want to be strong and have muscles, but ultimately I see myself as a runner.  It’s what I want the most, and most recommendations for runners are twice a week strength.  I’ll still lift heavy-ish, just not as long and hard as I have been.

I think that this week I’m going to stay off of the scale until next week’s weigh-in.  I got pretty annoyed one day from seeing the numbers and I know that isn’t right.  I quickly came out of it, after remembering that I have committed to doing things this way (eating more and focusing on strength) for the rest of the year, at least.  I know that it will take more time, but it will be worth it.  I am already looking in the mirror and a lot of the time and thinking I am okay.  This is pretty exciting!  I’m not hating on my body anymore.  Of course there are things I want to change, but my weight and my body are not the only things.  I am a person, not numbers!  I’m trying to focus more on other things throughout the day, doing more things and getting back to things I used to like to do.  So anyway, no scale until next week.  It’s going to be kind of hard the first few days, but I really want to do this to try and take more focus off of the numbers.  It will be good for me whether I like it or not 😆