Some hats I never showed you

Just trying to catch up with some knits that never quite made it to the blog, or even Ravelry!

This one is a slouchy beret made from my own handspun. More details on Ravelry, made way back in 2011.

SAM_1692 SAM_1693

This one is the Hedgehog hat from, made from Noro Kureyon in a really different colorway. It turned out to be quite a hat! I made this one in December 2013.SAM_1690

The last one is another from my handspun yarn, the pattern is Sugar Maple Hat. Apparently I finished knitting it in just one day! I started it on the 23rd and finished it Christmas Eve. I really like it.


There you go!


FO: Random Obscurity Scarf

M took the photo for this one, she did pretty good!  She also did the photos for my Margo
hat.  Not bad for a rookie, not that I’m any better – ha!

This one is from my handspun, a 50/50 merino/tencel blend from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The idea came from Spin-Off magazine.  The scarf was knit from energized singles, switching from stockinette and reverse stockinette to make the zig zag pattern.  It mellowed out quite a bit with blocking, not zig and zagging quite so much.  Still love it!  And it is very drapey and warm.

  • Pattern – Random Obscurity scarf from the Spring 2006 issue
  • Fiber used – 50/50 merino/tencel from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, 8 ounces
  • Time to spin and knit – 4 months
Apparently I did not keep very good notes.  I wish I had the time it took to spin, and I didn’t keep track of needle size either?  Oh well.  It’s really a miracle that I got the thing done and posted on the blog 😆

FO: Margo Hat

I’m trying to get some of the knitted things that have been done for a while posted, rather than letting them go off somewhere and be forgotten.  So you might see somewhat of a Finished Object parade in the next little while…

This one is made from my handspun that I named Margot.  It was spun from a batt that was all kinds of different fiber mixed together for fun.  I loved how the yarn turned out and I love how the hat turned out!  You can wear it right side and inside out, whatever you are feeling like.  It was a very quick knit, being done on size 13 needles, it probably took me an hour total!  Gotta love that.  I wore it the other day when I was out and about and it made me feel all cozy and warm, and a little artsy fartsy 🙂

  • Pattern – just a basic hat
  • Yarn – Handspun Margot
  • Needles – US Size 13
  • Time to Knit – An hour or two

FO: Scarf, hat and mittens

I knit these up as a gift for M for Christmas.  I love how they turned out!!  I didn’t really use patterns but I did use my Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns as a guide.  I couldn’t really do it in secret as I waited until too close to Christmas, so when I was knitting and she would ask what I was making I had to hide it somehow.  I told her I was knitting a rectangle, a dome, and a tube 😆  She kept telling me she wished I would make some mittens for her, a hat for her, a scarf for her 😆  She was so surprised when she opened it on Christmas and saw that they really were for her all along!!  It was great.

  • Pattern – Made up with help from Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns
  • Yarn – Elann Superwash Worsted Wool – I used about 2 skeins of red and white
  • Needles – US 3 & 6
  • Time to Knit 10 days

Instant gratification

I felt a strong urge to knit a big bulky hat this morning.  I searched in my handspun and came up with some yarn that I spun a few years ago.  I wasn’t sure I’d have enough but I made it!  It is reversible, but I like it better on me with the purl side out.

  • Pattern – just winged it
  • Yarn – Purple Pirate handspun
  • Needles – US 13
  • Time to knit – an hour

Garter Stripe Square Bag

I have been focusing much of my attention on knitting these days.  It is so nice!!  I haven’t been this excited about it in a long, long time.  I’m going for it, hoping to keep the feeling alive.

I have a few projects I’m working on at the moment, but here is my latest FO, more notes on Ravelry.

  • Pattern – Garter Stripe Square Bag
  • Yarn – leftover Knitpicks Wool of the Andes
  • Needles – US Size 8 double points
  • Time to Knit – 7 days

I am very happy with how this turned out!  It was pretty difficult to get all of the squares sewn together, and then as an added chore there were what seemed to be 10 meelion ends to weave in 😆  But after that it was easy.  My bag went through two quick wash cycles in my front loader.  I’ve had these big square buttons for a while and I knew it would just be perfect for this bag 🙂  I may or may not end up lining this, but probably not.  I see it getting use carrying knitting projects.

Overdue Finished Object

Hi friends!  I finished this sweater in January and somehow never got around to posting it!  It was a super quick and easy knit and I think it looks great on M 🙂  Here is what I wrote about it on Raverly:

Didn’t really use the pattern as written at all.  Cast on for the smallest size but added length to the sleeves and to the overall length of the sweater.  Ran out of the original yarn so I bought two balls of the Sublime, only needed the second ball for about 6 rows.  I held a coordinating lace yarn with the Sublime for the ribbing as it wasn’t quite as dense as the other yarn.  Love it!

  • Pattern – Mia by Debbie Bliss
  • Yarn – Barrufo Merinos Otto Shadow – 5 skeins, Sublime Yarns Cashmerino Silk Aran – just over 1 skein
  • Needles – US Size 8
  • Time to knit – 9 days

Oregon Vest

Well I started this in June of 2008, wow!  The knitting part has actually been done for quite a while, I just couldn't be bothered to put buttons on until recently.  And the buttons have been on for about 2 weeks now!  I guess I am just not a good blogger anymore 😉  

So what to say about this knit?  I loved knitting it.  It took a lot of patience and time.  I love the yarn, and the pattern is just so beautiful.  There is one thing I'm not crazy about on the fit, the shoulders seem a little wide for me but I really don't think anything can be done about that, and if there were I probably wouldn't do it.  Other that that, I'm so glad this is done and I look forward to wearing it!  It is getting warmer now, but I imagine it will get a lot of use when it turns cold again.IMG_3551

  • Pattern – Oregon Vest by Alice Starmore
  • Yarn – Hebridian 2-ply, kit from Virtual Yarns  
  • Needles – US Size 3 
  • Knit time – I have no idea!  I think it was a few months.   

  Okay, so glad to have that finally posted!  I will work on getting some more things posted that got finished but never talked about.  Until then 🙂

So about Faye…

My sister looks great in it, don't you think??!  I'd wear it now but it doesn't fit that great, maybe when I lose a few pounds after my next half marathon ; )

IMG_3544 IMG_3543

Noro Sweater

Wow, well looking at my notes in Ravelry this sweater was knit in March, and it took 5 days to knit!!  I must have done nothing but knit for those 5 days, haha!  Well I really like how it turned out.  I used aNoro Sweater   bunch of different colors, alternating row so that the stripes wouldn't be too large.  I did end up buying more in a pink/red colorway for the yoke and I like how it worked.  The neck is just a rolled edge and the cuffs are done in corrugated ribbing.  I love it.  It is a very warm, cozy, and cool sweater, one of my better knits I'd say.  Please excuse the stupid look on my face, I seem to like doing those especially in photos for the blog.  Ahem.

  • Pattern – Basic raglan using EPS numbers
  • Yarn – Noro Kureyon, many colors, about 420 grams, just under 9 balls
  • Needles – US sizes 7 and 8
  • Knit time – 5 days

So wow, 2 FOs in less than a week!  I've got to really push it if I want to get the rest of my projects for this year posted, before the end of the year.  We'll see.