You Food

I’ve decided to try and track my food with an app formerly known as TwoGrand. It is now called You Food. You can add food, exercise, and other stuff and follow other people who have the same interests, goal weight, current weight, etc. It is pretty cool, check it out! I took a screenshot to share this, so my food is backwards in terms of how I ate it. Oh well.


Today was a good day, I only had to work 4 hours!! I went in late and I left early. I had 2 cups of coffee before I left, while reading blogs and generally wasting time on the internet. I was busy every minute at work, trying to get done early, so I just put off eating.

I planned to go to lunch with the boyfriend but I finally had to have something, so I had a couple of tablespoons of Love Crunch granola. Then we went to Skewered Thai. They have a lunch special, two dishes for $9. I picked Pad Prik King, which was really spicy! And I had Cashew stir fry. I wanted pineapple curry but they didn’t have it :( I ate about half the rice and 3/4 of each entree, along with a tiny salad and 2 spring rolls.

I ended up pretty full so I didn’t need anything until dinner. I passed up samples at Costco too. My workout after errands was…surprise! Lower body. I did squats with a new PR of 130 pounds, step-ups, quad curls, split squats, and glute bridges. It was a good workout! I finished with some treadmill walking and then after M got home from school we took her for a 2 mile walk. That put me at 17,000 steps for the day.

Dinner was a salad with leftover chicken and rice, salsa, sour cream, and cotija cheese. It was nice and light but filling too. About 20 minutes later I had some Custardy Apples Squares with some ice cream. I don’t know if I’d make that one again, it was kind of boring. Not very sweet at all either too. I had to sprinkle some cinnamon on mine.

It was a good day of activity and eats, even though I wasn’t as productive as I’d like to have been. I wanted to work on that damn costume again if you can believe it LOL  I finished the day with just over 19,000 steps, pretty good!

Screenshot 2015-10-05 18.49.51

The day from hell

Yesterday was such an awful day!! It started out good, I got to sleep in, didn’t have to go to work, and got my run in after a cup of coffee. I missed getting rained on and did about 5.25 miles at a 9:07 pace!! I was feeling great and ready to tackle a bunch of stuff. So we started in on M’s costume. She wants a cloak to be Raven from Teen Titans. I thought I could probably wing it, but we bought a pattern and decided to try it. It was a bad pattern :( Way too big even though we picked the right size based on her measurements. So there was lots of adjusting and wasting of fabric. Grrr. In the end it took us over 6 hours and we still didn’t get it finished! The brand new machine stopped working. I was so pissed, and we were trying to get out to dinner and it was late. We just got disgusted and left LOL Come to find out this morning that the needle was bent. I still have a lot of unpicking of stitches to do and I will probably use the leftover fabric to just wing it, like I had originally intended!! So frustrating though! We worked all day and it wasn’t very satisfying AT ALL.

Anyway. Eating was pretty good, a weird and non-typical day. If I am just tracking the first habit (eat 3-4 meals) then I did good. Here’s what I ate:

  • 11:30 – cheesy scrambled eggs, 3 slices bacon, 4 small whole wheat pancakes with syrup and butter
  • 1:30 – 2 slices of fresh bread with honey and butter
  • 7:15 – smashburger. I had a grilled chicken sandwich that had a tiny piece of chicken. I’m not sure it was even 3 ounces?! I cut the bun in half and used all of the chicken and toppings in half of the bread. I ate most of a regular fry with some ranch on the side. I left room for ice cream, and at home I had a small ramekin of plum and vanilla ice cream. And two pumpkin spice almonds.

The good. I only had 3 meals, and I was hungry for each one.

Room for improvement. I probably ate a little too much at breakfast. I figured I probably wouldn’t eat again until dinner so I had more than I needed, by a slice of bacon and a pancake. I wasn’t hungry for long before I ate the bread. It was done, smelled great, I felt a little hunger and so I ate it. Dinners are where I can improve the most. One treat, sure. But keep going back to the cupboard for more bites is not ideal. I’d like to pre-decide one treat and just have that, and then move on. And I’m not kidding myself. If I cut out daily treats like bowls of ice cream I know that would contribute quite a bit to a weekly deficit!

Going to try again today and see how it goes :)


Weighing-in again here. I was 134.2 and 30.5% body fat today, down .6 pounds and up 1.5%. I don’t know what is going on with that number and who knows how accurate it is anyway?! But 134.2 is another new low for me this year :D

What I’m eating: whatever I want

What I’m doing for activity: working, running and lifting


Ran 5.5 miles on the parkway. I did it in 54 minutes for a 9:52 pace.


Lifted weights. Squats, quad curls, step-ups, back extensions.


Ran 2.23 miles in 21 minutes, 9:33 pace.


Ran 3 miles for a 9:30 pace, then did weights. More lower body.d


Ran 2 miles, 10:09 pace.


Weights again. Really didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to work out on Saturday so I sucked it up. Squats, step-ups, back extensions, leg curls.

I’m getting tired of feeling ‘stuck’. It doesn’t feel like I’m really doing anything. But, when I look at the numbers I am still losing about 2 pounds every month. So I’m not stuck. It just feels that way! Getting a little impatient lately I guess. I am still making progress in the fact that I am not regaining any weight. This whole year I’ve averaged 2 pounds lost each month, and about 1% body fat each month. And it is all staying gone so far. Exactly what I said I wanted to do. That said, I want to try and do a little better.

It’s time to switch the focus a little bit. I want to run a marathon next year, so I need to train more like a runner. I still plan on lifting 3 times a week but the mid-week workout will be after my runs, and not so heavy. I don’t know what I am doing, but I think that I need to go not so heavy anymore, if I want running to be the main thing. Most of what I’ve read says to do lower weights and higher reps, so I guess that is what I’ll try.

On the food front, I definitely could be tightening things up. I kind of don’t want to, just because it is fun to say I’m losing weight and eating ice cream almost daily. And chocolate, and whatever else I want! But as my weight gets lower, I am going to have to try harder to keep it going I think. And if I want to run better, my weight needs to be lower. It will help a ton.

This weekend I’m going to re-read the Lean Habits book. I’m going to start tracking the habits and really make an effort to get my eating less haphazard. I’ll do some shopping and prepping today and make sure I have lots of produce available. I’m not going to start weighing food or counting calories, but I can do a lot better and try to eat more nutritiously.

So that’s that. I’m really going to make an effort this week, hopefully not eat as many sweets, and maybe have a bigger loss than .5 pounds this week.

Monday eats

I worked by myself today, so I didn’t have a lot of time to sit and eat. We also had a new donut of the month today so I had that for breakfast instead of what I had planned. So in addition to 2 coffees, I had an apple spice donut for breakfast at around 8:00. I didn’t eat again until about 11:30, when I had a bowl of butternut squash soup, some watermelon, and a piece of banana bread. That took me about an hour and a half to eat! After work I came home to to my weights. M did weights with me while we watched Dr. Who!

My workout

  • machine squats – 2 warm up sets and 5 working sets, 120# x 5
  • quad curls – 1 warm up set and 4 sets of 35# x 8
  • step ups – 5 sets x 20
  • back extensions – 5 sets, 10# x 15

120 pounds is the highest I’ve squatted on the machine! I was surprised that I was able to do 5 reps for each set with that weight. Next time I’ll add another 10 pounds and see what I can do. This was a really good overall workout. Not too much, but I felt like I really did some good.

Dinner afterward was some fish sticks with pickle sauce, leftover zucchini/carrot tots, and a salad with oil and vinegar. Dessert was about 1/3 of a small cheesecake with some cherry sauce. It was super yummy. I also had 3 squares of chocolate while waiting for dessert :lol:

So not doing so hot with less treats so far, but I’m still wanting to try. Thinking about it is the first step?…


I weighed in again today, with not much change. I am exactly the same weight as last week, 134.8, but the body fat went from 31 to 29%! I don’t know if I’ve seen it that low. If I have, it has been like 10 years! So that was kind of cool :) I’ll wait to see if that one sticks before I call that goal met. It has been bouncing around 30 and 31 for a couple of months now. I also did my measurements since it is close to the end of the month. I am down another inch overall.

YTD loss: 17.4 pounds, 8.5% body fat, 11.25 inches.

I have really been trying to eat to hunger this week, save my nightly treats. I know that is going to be a hard habit to break. But I’m contemplating it. That’s the first step, right? Well maybe I can improve this coming week. We’ll see. If I don’t stop eating ice cream every night maybe I can just make the portions a little smaller.

I did all of my planned workouts this week! Well, I skipped a run on Tuesday but I made up for it on Friday. As for weights, I have been doing squats and more squats. I’m itching to get back to deadlifts and pull-ups, but I don’t know when that will be. A while, I’m sure. Anyway, I ran on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday was 4 miles and the rest were 2 and 3 miles. I did add one more run day so from now on I will be running 4 days a week.

So I’m still going really slow and steady. But according to all of my numbers I am not really losing any muscle which has been the main goal all along! And every pound I have lost has just stayed gone. I haven’t been able to do that since the first time I lost weight. I just kept losing for about a year, but then I started to gain it back. So yes, the goals are losing fat and keeping it off, and I am doing it!! It feels great.


Squats and chocolate

Today I got up early to do a run and then do some weights before work. I set my alarm for 4:30, too early!! That is really only 20 minutes or so earlier than I normally get up, so not too big a deal. Anyway. After coffee I got two miles in and then did another lower body workout. I did:

  • Machine squats – 2 warm up sets and then 3 work sets with 110 pounds and 6 reps
  • Leg curls – 5 sets, 25# x 8 reps
  • Skater squats – 5 sets, 10 reps

I wasn’t going for super tough, but this still felt like I got a really good workout in.

After that I had more coffee, 2 coconut cookies, an apple with white chocolate pb, and some yogurt with hemp hearts and honey. It was good and kept me full for quite a while.

Lunch was at 1:30, some sliced turkey and an fruit sauce pouch. I was going to have cucumber too but it fell in the garbage as I was peeling it :lol: Oh I also had probably 1/4 cup of chocolate granola.

Dinner was around 6:00. I had a black bean burger, an ear of corn with butter, and a cheesy pepper. We roast the peppers on the grill and then take the stems and seeds out. Then we put cheese on and put them under the broiler. So good! I had a square of chocolate too. We went to Costco and then when we came back I had some vanilla and plum ice cream and 2 more squares of chocolate. I guess it was a chocolate kind of day. I’m all done eating and pretty much ready to go to bed at 7:40. I got over 18,000 steps today!

I’m also ready to not be working all day tomorrow :)

Thursday’s eats

I got up at the normal time this morning but went into work later so I could run before work. There was just 2 miles on the schedule, and I ended up doing 2.19 in 20:11. Not bad.

Breakfast was at 7:45, I had oats cooked in milk and water with cashew butter and honey. It was pretty good! It didn’t keep me full that long, but I did end up waiting until about 1:00 to eat. I had the last piece of leftover buffalo chicken pizza and an apple. That wasn’t really enough to keep me going for too long, so I had some chips and salsa after work at 3:30 and an Izzi. I also had two squares of chocolate.

Dinner was at 6:30. I had pan fried brussels, onions, and peppers, and a fish burger in 1/2 a pita with ‘pickle sauce’ (mayo, lemon juice, minced pickles, SPG, and dill). I also had a half a pint of ice cream. It was good :lol:

Taking a stab at food journaling

Weird, I thought I was posting this as a blog post, but I made a page instead :lol: So this is yesterday’s post below, and then I’ll add what I ate today.

I think I want to try and eat a bit better. Or maybe prove to myself that I am just eating okay already? Anyway, I’m going to try doing a daily food journal thing and see how it goes. Today I was aiming for 3 meals and no snacking.

In the morning I had coffee, which I definitely don’t count as a meal! I was really tired all day, and it’s tempting to chug coffee on days like that, but I only had two cups with cream and sugar.

Breakfast was a leftover applesauce donut, some nonfat fage with honey, and then 2 coconut cookies my daughter made for me last night. That was all around 8:00.

Lunch was around noon. I had 1 1/2 chicken sausages, 1/2 a cucumber, and a fruit sauce pouch. The fruit sauce was seriously yummy! It was pear, beet, kiwi, and strawberry.

Dinner was at 5:30. We went to The Pie because I have been craving their buffalo chicken ranch pizza for a while now. I had a side salad with ranch, and then 3 slices of a medium pizza. When we got home I had a small bowl of ice cream with some hot fudge sauce. My brain wants to eat more, but my stomach has definitely had enough.

I was supposed to run today, but I was so tired and had a headache after work so I just skipped it. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow  :)


Today I had:

2 cups of coffee again, still so tired! I don’t know why, I think I just need more sleep and less work ;)

Breakfast was around 9:00. I had a leftover chicken sausage, leftover cauliflower and carrots, and then some Puffins and milk. I had a coconut cookie too.

Lunch was around 1:30. I had an apple with some peanut butter, and then some pastry thing that a co-worker brought. I shouldn’t have eaten the pastry, because my stomach had too much food in there when I went for my run after work.

I ran at 3:00, and then did some weights afterward. The run was tough! It was 85 outside, and it felt like I was working really hard for most of it. I did it in about 31 minutes. For weights I did 3 sets of:

  • machine squats with 70# x 13
  • step-ups x 20
  • quad curls with 25# x 15
  • back extensions x 15

That was tough too, after running.

Dinner was 2 pieces of leftover pizza, one square of chocolate, and then some apple crisp with ice cream. I could have made something for dinner but we were all starving and I was tired, so pizza again. No big deal.

Weigh-in and workouts

Today I weighed in at 134.8, up .2 from last week, and 31% body fat, up 1%. I’m surprised my weight didn’t go up more, because it felt like I was eating a lot! I’m glad it didn’t.

I did keep up with my workouts, though all week I’ve been pretty tired. My life is exhausting me :lol: I ended up with a hard cast too to keep me safe at work, which is a little more limiting but probably better.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

I did strength. I did what I could. I used the squat machine, did lots of step-ups, hip thrusts, squats, more squats! I’m getting a little bored already and miss my upper stuff but oh well. I’ll just keep on going and do what I can. I am almost thinking about getting a weight vest to make things more challenging since I can’t or don’t want to just hold weight in one hand. I don’t know if it will happen, but I don’t want my left arm looking more built up than my right when the cast comes off.


I did a 3 mile run, which I already told you about. Felt too hard! Lots of breathing issues and had to walk 4 times.


Another 3 mile run that went a lot better than Tuesday. I didn’t have to walk as much, only once I think! And I felt like I had a lot more energy somehow.

I didn’t fall on either of my runs, so that’s good :)

This week I am really, really going to honestly try to work the habits more. I did pretty well with eating 3-4 meals, and with that also being hungry before meals. But that’s about it. This week I am going to try to make better choices as far as what I’m eating. I will try to share more in here too.

Having the cast on is super annoying, but hopefully I’ll heal up quick and be back to normal.

A run

I went for a run today! I didn’t end up going in the morning, but I did go after work. I must still be feeling run down and a little out of shape after just a week of no running, because it was hard. I kept getting side stitches and had to walk 4 times. I went 3.22 miles in 33 minutes. And my ‘cast’ got sweaty and icky :/ Oh well, I’d rather that than no working out!! Other than that everything was fine.

So, I guess it is possible to work out and run with a broken wrist. I just have to be careful.