Under 140!

Sunday is my new weigh-in day, and I couldn’t believe it when I got on and it said 139.6! I haven’t been under 140 in two years, and even then I was that weight for not very long before I rebounded yet again. The body fat % is still 32. I don’t know if it will ‘stick’, well wait a minute, yes I do. It will stick, because I am just doing what I do!

I stayed up late to watch fireworks last night and I’m feeling a little overworked so I’m probably going to skip my run today. I’m running 3 days a week, plus some intervals after weights, and weights 3 days a week. I’ve also been working every single day since mid-June I think? So yeah, after work today I’m just going to take it easy and hopefully take a nap.

Oh! I am 3 workouts away from finishing Train to be Awesome phase 1!! I have never stuck this long with a program! I always start something, get bored, and then quit. I’m super proud of myself for following through. I still have another phase, and then there is yet another (Train to be even more awesome). So it’s going to take me quite a while to finish, but I am going to finish. If I keep going with 3 workouts per week I will probably be done with the whole thing sometime in January LOL It will be worth it!

I guess that’s it. The next milestone will be getting to 135, and I want to get my body fat under 30%. That one will probably take forever though.

A weigh in

I decided to weigh in yesterday and do some measurements to see how things are going. I hadn’t measured since May, because not a lot happens that quickly. I was surprised to see that I am down 2.5 inches since then! I am also down to 140.8 and 32% body fat. I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress. And I haven’t been under 140 since my juice fast, so that will be a pretty big deal once I get there. Since January 1 this year I am down 11.4 pounds, 5.5% body fat, and 7.5 inches. And I’m pretty much still eating large amounts of ice cream every night :lol:

I could be moving things along quicker. I could start counting calories, or running a ton, or give up whole food groups (like ice cream). But I’d rather not. I’d rather keep on eating what I want without worrying about it too much. And I’m not quite ready for marathon training again, yet. (Hopefully next year!)

It is totally possible to lose weight slowly and sustainably, without restricting or deprivation. It just isn’t that exciting! And that is the hardest part :)

Anyway, happy with my progress and I’m excited to see what happens with the rest of the year, keeping my focus on lifting weights.

Just things

Things are good, and terrible at the same time :lol:

Work has been crazy lately. I have been hiring people but they only seem to be lasting a short time – a week to a month – and then quitting. One only lasted 2 days! It’s just 7-11, people. I think a lot of people just don’t want to do actual work. I am grateful for the people who are sticking around, but I have one more leaving next month and I really need to get some more people working for me! All that to say no days off for me in the near future. Not really how I want to be spending every single day, but it is what it is.

Workouts are going good. I have switched to the afternoons since I’m working at 6 am now. It isn’t my first choice but it’s going okay. I tried running outside a couple of times but it is just too damn hot! I could do it, but I don’t think it is a good idea to do more than a couple of miles. So I’m going to get reacquainted with the treadmill. I’m still doing the Train to be Awesome strength program too. Since I took such a long break I’m probably going to just add some extra workouts to the schedule. Or I might not, I haven’t decided really. Yesterday I did the 15th workout of 24. I was thinking 32 but I kind of want to just get on to the next phase. I don’t really know how much of a difference it will make anyway!

I was on Facebook the other day and started seeing some people talking about Whole30 and how awesome it is and people getting excited to start it or something like it. I was so tempted to jump on the bandwagon too, since I haven’t been losing much at all from just not caring for the month of May. I’ve pretty much stayed the same weight since May. (My body fat% has gone down a tiny bit though). Then I remembered that I don’t want to do something that I’m not planning on keeping up for life. Any eating plan has only helped me keep up the yo-yo cycle. I may be losing slowly but I know that what I am losing will be sustainable long-term. So no Whole30 for me! Besides, I like bread, and beans, and dairy. I love those things so why would I give them up? And I’ve proven for myself that there isn’t any way of eating that is going to magically make me feel better. Even if I did lose 10 pounds in a month I would surely gain it all right back from rebound eating after all of that restriction :lol:

I am just going to keep going, proving that weight loss can be done the slow way. With moderation in eating (hell even without that!) and regular exercise. I was thinking that I might even want to blog more about it. If I can make time for it. I’m going to try, anyway.

I kind of let the Lean Habits work fall away, so I’m working on getting back to those. I’ve done two days with just eating 3-4 meals. I’m going to get back to tracking it and get a solid two weeks under my belt before I add the next one again. And just keep working out and moving at work. I do want to get away from the processed food too. I’ve been getting a lot of ‘fun food’ lately and I’m finding that it isn’t really that good. So I’m going to quit buying cookies and stuff and try to eat more whole foods. I think if I only focused on those two things it will make a big difference and get things moving again.

I’d ramble some more but I’ve got to get to work!

New Fitbit!

I won a $75 gift card from Best Buy in a contest at work the other day! Since I don’t ever really shop at Best Buy, I figured I would splurge and get the new Fitbit Surge. The last thing I bought at Best Buy was probably my last Fitbit :lol

I took it out this morning for a test run. I think it worked pretty well. It seems to be accurate as far as I can tell. I will have to wear my One and Surge together for a few days and see how they match up. I didn’t take the One this morning, should have! Anyway I did 3 miles after pretty much an entire month off from any exercise. I got sick and it totally zapped me. I don’t know what it was, but it was horrible. With that and working too much, I just had no energy. I am finally getting back into the swing of things, yay!

Screenshot 2015-06-04 06.56.45

From my Fitbit dashboard

Also, speaking of running, I never did do my 15k ‘race’. I got sick right before I was supposed to do it :( Oh well. I don’t know if I will try again or not, doesn’t really matter in the end. I just want to get back to regular workouts. I did weights once this week and today’s run. I will try for weights again tomorrow and then go from there. My work schedule will be changing next week too, so it will be interesting trying to figure out after work running in summer weather. Have never done that so it might be tricky.

Things are happening

Another month has flown by. Time is just moving so fast lately! I think it is because I am working so much…I have been working 6 days a week for a while. Not super fun, but kind of necessary right now. I am going to get a break next weekend though, so that will be nice.

I did my no weigh April and I was really happy with how it went. I ended up losing 2.6 pounds, 1.5% body fat, and 1.5 inches. The weight is pretty typical of what I’ve been losing every month, so I was glad to see that I made the same kind of progress without the scale. I somehow managed to gain a lot of peace too! I don’t know what it is, but something has just clicked and changed and I am so happy about it. I finally feel like what I’m doing is sustainable and that it WILL last. I just know that I’m not going to keep going down the same road I always have. My weight is not going to be an issue anymore. I’m focusing on things that I can DO rather than what I weigh. There will be no rebound, or yo-yo, because I am losing slowly, keeping it off, and learning how to really listen to my body now. It will actually be a lifelong process but I am so ready to do it.

One thing that has really helped to kind of bring everything together is the book Lean Habits by Georgie Fear. I’m still working on the second habit, Hunger Mastery. The first habit is to eat 3-4 meals per day and I so wasn’t doing that in the past. I was having small snacks instead of meals, and then after dinner going back several times to the snack cupboard for another small something. Since I have been aiming for 3-4 meals per day that has totally stopped! I try to have bigger meals during the day, and I still have treats daily right after dinner. I can’t even say how much ice cream I’ve eaten this year :lol But it is working. I’m down 10 pounds, 5% body fat, and 5.25 inches so far this year. And it has been pretty easy. So easy that I can just keep going, and will keep going, and just keep building on my success :D

Of course I am still working out too. I started the TTBA phase 1 and that has been going well. It is fun to be doing something different. The beginner portion was all really basic stuff, which is what I’ve tried every time I started weights again. It was getting boring – I was seeing progress, but yeah, kinda boring. It has been fun to move on and switch it up! I’m also in the last week of my 15k training. I will do my ‘race’ this Sunday! I have taken the week off from weights because of the run, and because I was starting to feel overly tired all of the time. I hope I will feel better and have a good run this weekend.

I guess that’s that for now. Just wanted to give an update on how things are going. I have ambitions to post more, and do a lot of other things, but they aren’t coming to fruition (yet). We’ll see.

A little behind?

Last post March 3rd! Yes, I’m a little behind. I just don’t know what to do with this blog anymore. And I know that budget posts are not that exciting :lol: I feel pretty busy and when I think about blogging, half of the time I don’t know what to say, and if I say it who will care anyway?!

I have been busy. Work is slightly starting to pick up, but not enough for me to get excited at all about it. My days are just filled with working out, work, and then dinner and some web-surfing.

I did read a book though! I haven’t read an actual book in forever. It was called Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry and I quite enjoyed it. I picked up another from the library and started it, but I realized it was last in a big series – 10 books – so I quit reading it after 2 chapters. So next time I go to the library I’ll get another book, or read one here that I haven’t yet.

Active life is still the same. I am going to do the last workout of the Beginner Blast-off in Train to be Awesome today! Then I will do a reload week and then get on with the next phase. I’ve been trying to run on days when I’m not lifting and that’s going well too. I’m just doing lower miles, kind of following a 15k training plan. I’m not getting injured, well, I did fall yesterday morning but I think I’m okay!

And of course there is the weight loss department. I am keeping track of stuff but not weighing/checking in very often. In March I did weigh more than I wanted to and I realized I didn’t really like it. So in April I’m not going to weigh or measure at all. It will be a little hard, but I’ve made up my mind and so that’s that. Anyway, the March results were pretty good. I lost 2.6 pounds, 1% body fat (according to my scale), and .5 inches. Not bad for eating what I want, which includes ice cream, pizza, frozen yogurt, you name it. I’ve been eating it. And I’m not counting a thing or excluding anything. It’s really brainless, and I love that part. Am I losing very slowly? Sure am. This year so far I am down about 7 pounds. In 3 months that doesn’t sound like a lot. But I’ll repeat myself and say that I am absolutely sure that this time I am truly working on making sustainable habit changes, and this slow weight loss is going to stick! The only downside is that it is so easy, that that in itself makes it harder than anything I’ve ever done :lol: It is always more exciting to start some stupid new diet plan or count calories and calculate everything I will do. Now I just eat I what I want and move my body. There is no calorie goal, no burn goal, not even a weight goal or an end date. I’m just changing my life, for life, and it is hard to give the energy I was using up on all of that crap to something else. It is definitely a process.

Anyway, that’s that for now!

Food Budget Week 8

We spent a lot this week, again. $171.49. We did stock up on a few things though, so that number isn’t that bad. Here’s what we bought:


  • Bananas $2.41
  • Broccoli $1.57
  • Carrots $1.59
  • Garlic $.69
  • Habanero $.78
  • Kale $1.99
  • Mushrooms $2.07
  • Onions $1.08
  • Potatoes $.90
  • Acorn squash $3.06
  • Sweet potatoes $3.53


  • Butter $7.99
  • Heavy cream $3.69
  • Gallon milk $3.79
  • Sour cream $2.00
  • Noosa yogurt $10.00 (on special)
  • Eggs $3.39
  • Ham $5.39
  • Turkey $5.29
  • Applesauce pouches $17.88 – we bought two kinds at Costco
  • Assorted organic cereals $19.96
  • Coconut milk $15.98
  • Good Belly juice $5.00 – sounded interesting
  • Peanuts $6.89
  • Pistachios $19.79
  • Arborio rice $6.79
  • Tamari $7.00
  • Crackers $7.00
  • English muffins $3.99


Checking in

With health and stuff. I am still back and forth on the weighing thing, but for now I guess I don’t really care if I do or don’t. I am trying to not weigh most days. But I am going to for sure check in at the beginning of the month, with weight and measurements and pictures. So, since December 1st I am down 2.75 inches, and since January 1st I am down 4.6 pounds. That averages out to be .5 pounds per week. Pretty much what I was planning on. Is it painfully slow sometimes? Yes! But, I am confident that this time around I am going to be able to keep it off.

Workouts have been good. Today I finished workout #15 of 24 from Train to be Awesome. Only 9 more left! I could probably keep going with the beginner program, but I really just want to move on to something different, not that I’m bored or not liking it. I do like it. The workouts are taking me about 1 hour and 10 minutes, including warm up time. I take as much rest as I need and do 1-2 warm up sets. Today I was able to squat with 90# on the machine, and I did quite a few pull-ups with one knee in the resistance band. I’ve also been trying barbell hip thrusts, not much on the bar, only 30#. I tried that today and I think I can work my way up pretty quickly.

I missed being on a running schedule so I’m going to try a 10k training program. It goes for 10 weeks and has minimal mileage so I don’t think it will interfere with strength training. I’ll just do the runs on my off days from weights. I do my first 2 mile run tomorrow morning. We are supposed to get a big storm tonight so I hope it doesn’t ice all over!

So yeah, losing a little fat, gaining a little muscle (hopefully :lol), all while doing my best to chill out and eating exactly what I want to. Including ice cream, almost daily. Also chocolate, pizza, bread every day – and veggies, fruit, fish, nuts. Nothing is off limits, I’m just eating when I’m hungry and trying not to eat too much. Eating what I really want keeps me from feeling deprived or like I need to rebel, so I don’t end up overdosing on m&ms. Novel idea.

I had a great day today!

It wasn’t really anything special, but I had a great day! I woke up with my second alarm and got up and had coffee and some granola with milk as a pre-workout snack. I did my 12th workout of the Train to be Awesome Beginner Blast Off. I’m halfway done! I pretty much did 2 warmup sets of everything and then 4 work sets. It took me over an hour. But I finished feeling energized and proud of what I could do. I bought a resistance band a few weeks ago to help with pull ups and when I first tried it out I couldn’t even pull myself up at all with just a knee in. Today I did 6 reps that way! I had to finish out my sets with a straight leg, but I was pretty happy to be able to pull up with a knee. I did lots of planking too – I don’t know that I have ever done 6 sets of planks :lol: I was surprised at how well I did, I guess it is because I’m resting and sleeping and eating enough.

I felt like I was dialed in with eating too. After my workout I had a slice of toast with butter and peach butter, a small glass of kefir, and a banana and an almond butter packet. That kept me full until lunch time, when I had some carrot and celery sticks, a bag of madras lentils, an apple/oat muffin, and a carrot applesauce squeezy thing. That kept me full until dinner, when I had a chicken leg quarter with some caramelized onions, steamed corn and green beans, and a salad with oil and vinegar. I needed something sweet so I had a frozen fruit juice bar, a few wafer cookies with milk, and a square of chocolate. It sounds like a lot, but I worked hard this morning and got lots of steps in. I am trying to eat to hunger, and eat more during the day so I don’t overload at night due to not eating enough during the day. It is still a work in progress :)

Work didn’t piss me off either! Sometimes it is hard when I notice how much people don’t do, and how much slack I have to pick up. But I tried to keep an open mind today and I didn’t want to get pissed off, so I didn’t. That won’t happen every day, so I have to relish it when it does :lol:

I’m also excited for the weekend because we are going to see Alton Brown on Friday!! And then going out to eat at the Copper Onion. I’ve been a couple of times, but M has never been. It should be super fun.

Food Budget Weeks 5-7

Getting behind here! We went out of town earlier this month and it’s taken me a while to get things back to normal :lol: But I got everything put in today and so here we go.

Week 5 we spent $64.96.  We were trying to keep things low since we would be leaving the next week. We bought:

  • Onions $1.26
  • Ice cream $12.49
  • Sour cream $2.00
  • Eggs $3.39
  • Coconut $3.29
  • Chocolate bars $10.76
  • Evaporated milk $2.00
  • Caveman bars (Costco) $17.99
  • Rolls $2.60
  • Fruit juice frozen bars $9.18

Week 6 we spent $98.38. We bought:

  • Asparagus $2.20
  • Bananas $1.93
  • Bell peppers $1.38
  • Garlic $1.38
  • Ginger $1.40
  • Grapefruit $1.76
  • Green onions $.69
  • Habaneros $.36
  • Herbs $4.47
  • Lettuce $2.99
  • Salad mix $3.99
  • Strawberries $5.00
  • Cottage cheese $5.58
  • Cream $5.49
  • Ice cream $7.00
  • Kefir $3.00
  • 1/2 gallon milk $3.19
  • Yogurt $6.00
  • Ham $5.29
  • Pepperoni $4.79
  • Pork ribs $9.68
  • Turkey $5.29
  • Tortillas $2.19

Week 7 we spent a lot more, $231.72. Stocking up I guess! We bought:

  • A bunch of stuff from the Thai store that I didn’t itemize for $29.78 – sauces, noodles, herbs
  • Asparagus $3.31
  • Avocados $3.00
  • Banana $3.44
  • Bell peppers $5.99
  • Cabbage $2.06
  • Carrots $4.86
  • Celery $2.99
  • Cucumber $.98
  • Garlic $.69
  • Green onions $1.38
  • Jicama $.79
  • Lettuce $3.29
  • Onions $1.27
  • Potatoes $.78
  • Butter $7.99
  • Ice cream $10.5
  • Kefir $5.00
  • 1/2 gallon milk $3.19
  • 2 organic whole chickens $27.02
  • Steak for stir fry $12.60
  • Pork end ribs $4.72
  • Ground veal $7.12
  • 3 bags toasted coconut (Costco) $20.97
  • Organic spaghetti (Costco) $7.49
  • Soda $9.98
  • Organic nut bars $15.99
  • Tortilla chips $6.58
  • Organic frozen hash browns (Costco) $5.99
  • Smoothie bars (Costco) $7.49
  • Organic veggie potstickers (Costco) $6.99

So not super great, but not horrible I guess. For those three weeks we averaged 131.68 per week. We are still kind of behind, so I’d love to keep it low for the next few weeks but we’ll just see how it goes.