Scratch that

Ok, so I wasn’t really feeling the marathon idea after all. So, I’m changing course, yet again. I’ve decided to just do some half marathon programs until I DO really feel like I can train for a marathon again. I guess deep down I knew it wasn’t really a good idea, and I was really worried about getting hurt again. I feel kind of stupid for changing my mind so much, but I think it is the right thing to do.

So I am going to start with Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 program for a half. I did some weights yesterday and this morning I ran on the treadmill. Our treadmill was out of commission for months! We finally got a new deck and belt and put it all back together this past weekend. Running on it today reminded me of how much the treadmill sucks though :lol: Oh well. It will be nice to have it as an option when it gets freezing outside! My pace is always slower on the treadmill too – today’s was about 11:30. I started with a 1/4 mile walk and then ran 3 miles with a few walk breaks. That put me at about 40 minutes and I decided to just finish out an hour with walking. I did 4.5 miles total.

I am making it a goal to do ALL of the workouts in the program. Unless I am really sick or (knock on wood) injured, I am just going to get it done. I didn’t really feel like doing it this morning, or like doing weights yesterday, but I just did it, and I feel better for doing it. Go me!

Workouts #8 and #9

#8 was on Friday, I got an easy 2 miles in for 21 minutes and then did some weights. I was feeling kind of tired so I wasn’t really pushing hard, just getting it done. Here’s my weights, 2 sets of everything:

Single leg KB deadlifts 25#x10
Shoulder press 12#x12
Split squat with 8#db x 10
Pulldowns 80#x10
Quad curls 25#x12
Kickbacks 10#x10
Calf raises 20# on the machine x 15

I’m still trying to figure out what weights I should be using, so some of these were too easy. Hopefully I’ll get it all dialed in soon.

#9 was this morning’s run. I didn’t sleep great last night so I was pretty tired. I woke up too early but couldn’t go back to sleep so I just rested for a couple of hours. I got some things going in the kitchen, had a granola bar and coffee, and then headed out around 10:00. I did 4 miles total, with walk breaks after every mile. So when I was running I tried to keep my pace around 9:30. I did it in 39:22 which is pretty good for taking walk breaks. It was warm and humid which is always fun :/ Anyway, I’m glad I got it done! I haven’t been taking this whole thing very seriously, but I really want to get back on track and stop missing runs. So my goal is to just get them done and stop making excuses for not doing it!

#7, Easy 3

Today was an easy run. I basically just tried to pace myself to where I could still breath relatively easy and was never working too hard, except toward the end on an uphill. I live in a pretty hilly area, with some really big hills and a lot of small ones too. So it is rare that I am just running on a totally flat surface, unless I am out on the parkway. I just imagine that I am always getting a good workout in because of it :)

Anyway, I kept my pace even and when I finished I guessed that I had done a 10:30 pace overall, and I was right! 3 miles in 31:30. I do wear my Garmin on all of my runs but I try not to look at my pace or time until I’m done, makes it less stressful :lol: I’m happy with that pace, especially it being an easy run. I remember when I first started running, there were no easy paces. Before my run I did the Standard warmup and afterward I did some lunges and planks and a little stretching. I’m now caught up from missing my run on Tuesday! Tomorrow is 2 miles and weights, and hopefully since the mileage is so low I won’t be feeling any discomfort from running 3 days in a row. 2 is usually my limit.

It is still hot, and I am a sweaty mess. Time for a shower :/

Workout #6

I was supposed to do this yesterday but I slept in! So I’m getting it done today. I did a 3 mile run in 29 minutes for a 9:40 pace, which felt really tough, but I was happy to get it done under 30:00. And why in the hell is so still so hot?! Ugh. It will be nice when it starts to cool down finally.

Here’s what I did for weights, 2 sets of everything:

Squats 50# x 12
Pushups 10
Reverse Lunge 12#DB x 12
DB Row 25# x 10
Step-ups 10#DB x 12
Bicep curls 10# x 12
Hamstring curls 15# x 12

Not really heavy/too hard but that’s what I’m going for right now. It felt like a good workout and that’s all that matters!

Run #5

Got out this morning for a 4 miler. Just tried to go easy but at the same time, keep up a good pace. I ended up doing it in exactly 41 minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.38.39 AM

I’m happy with that. I walked for a minute halfway through too. This particular route has 2 longish hills, not huge hills but still a workout all the same. My knee felt a little off after the halfway point, which makes me think I better start taking more walk breaks. Glad this one is done :) I followed up with some stretching – I really needed it. My hamstrings are sore from my last workout!!

Now we are off to Lagoon this morning (the local amusement park), so I’m sure my steps will be pretty high today. Looking forward to a day of fun rides!

Workouts #3 and #4, what should have been #9

Skipped some workouts, oh well, like I said I’m just moving on and getting back at and trying to be better. So the last one I didn’t tell you about was a 4 mile run 2 Sundays ago. I did it with a 10:34 pace, just going for easy. I was pretty tired this morning, haven’t been sleeping well at all. But I did it anyway. 2 miles in just under 20 minutes, and then about 35 minutes of weights. I did 2 sets of 10-12 reps of:

Single leg KB deadlifts
Shoulder presses
Split squats
Quad curls
Calf raises

I’m feeling pretty tired now! Hopefully I don’t have to work too hard today :lol:

Goofing off and a purge

Well I’ve just been goofing off and not taking things seriously, and next thing you know I have skipped a week and a half’s worth of workouts. Not good :( Oh well, just going to get back on track and get at it again. I’m planning on for sure doing my workout tomorrow.

This next part is going to sound pretty ramble-y, just a warning :lol I know I need to end my obsession with weight. To just make health and being fit and being happy my focus. So I know for sure I’m not going to weigh anymore. I haven’t weighed in probably over a month and I pretty much don’t care what that number is. No more measurements either. Now, in the past week and a half I’ve probably gained 5 pounds, and I know there is a huge difference in how I feel. I don’t like how I feel, so I’m putting more focus on getting more whole foods in me and getting more activity. More walks just for the air and sunshine and family time.

I also realize I will never count calories or track my food in any way. It just makes me feel annoyed, and even if I just write it down I start to judge myself! It just doesn’t make sense anymore so I’m putting those behaviors to rest permanently.

One other thing I did today was a feed reader purge. It will be in process for a few weeks as more and more pop up that I need to delete. But I’m just getting rid of it all – mostly ‘healthy living blogs’. They either annoy me, or aren’t a real representation, or make me feel bad about myself through comparison. So I’m done. I’m keeping a few that do interest me but I will be clearing out the bulk of them. That one felt really good! And besides, we’ve been putting limits on our screen time so I don’t want to waste the time reading crap I really don’t enjoy, I was just doing it out of habit anyway.

I guess that’s it for my rambling today :)

Workout #2

Yesterday I did some foam rolling and stretching, so not really a workout. I also went for a twenty minute walk with the fam just to unwind from the day. Today I got up -on time!- and did a 2 mile run in 21 minutes, and then a weights workout for 34 minutes. I got a pretty good workout in. The run was easy, I tried to go at a true easy pace. I was glad it was a short one though :) Weights were not too much but challenging at the same time. I guess it has been 2 weeks now since I have lifted anything! Here’s what I did:

All but pushups were 2 sets of 12 reps
Machine squats 50#
Pushups 2 x 10
Reverse lunge 24# total
DB row 20#
Step-up 20# total
Bicep curl 8# on the first set, 10# on the second
Leg curl 10# on the first set (plus the weight of the machine) and 15# on the second.

Good enough for me!

Hopeful Marathon Workout #1

I slept in today until 5:30 – instead of 5:00 ;) And it had been raining and was still a little drippy. I thought about just trying to go run later but I knew I wouldn’t end up getting home until around 6:00 pm. I didn’t want to miss another workout so I just went. I ended up doing 3 miles in 29:32 for a 9:48 pace. The first half was easy but then I started to tire out, I know my pace isn’t very fast but it really is for me. I just kept going though! And it paid off. For the last quarter mile I kind of sprinted home, earning me negative splits once again. Before I ran I did the standard warmup, and when I got home I did the Myrtl routine and stretched a little bit.

Now it’s bedtime and my fitbit is reading over 21,000 steps and almost 10 miles. Not bad for just a quick run and a day’s work! And I’m feeling tired.

Tomorrow I’m probably just going to do some foam rolling and the ITB rehab routine, and go for a walk after work.

Change of course

Well internets, I have once again changed my mind. I am deciding to just go for the marathon again. I hope I am not crazy and end up getting injured again! I am going to try a different approach though. I am doing my own version of the Jeff Galloway beginner plan, just adding a few more miles to it. The plan is 30 weeks to marathon instead of 18 like I did before, and the biggest difference is the longer runs are spaced farther out. So you will run a big long run, but the next week and sometimes two are back down to more manageable mileage. I hope that with a little more recovery time in between the long runs that I won’t get injured.

Something else I’m going to do to avoid injury is still focus on the strength. I’m going to keep doing The Standard Warmup before runs, and I’m going to do quick bodyweight routines after most all of my runs. I’m also doing basic weights twice a week after easy runs. And I’m going to regularly foam roll and really make an effort to stretch after workouts.

I really want to do this, and not get hurt. I hope that with the run/walk formula for the longer runs and the added strength that I will not get hurt and be able to finish in a reasonable time too! The strength really helped me with my last half. I trained pretty hard for me, and felt totally fine afterward. Great, even! One thing I just did every time I ran was The Standard Warmup, and a lot of the time I did planks after my runs. So I hope that it will work out this time. If not, I may just have to accept that the marathon is not in the cards for me. We’ll see. Oh yes, and the race I’m planning on doing is the Salt Lake Marathon!

And with that, I slept horribly last night so I didn’t even get the first run in today :lol: If I have time later this evening I will go do it though!