Train to be Awesome complete!

Today was my last workout! There is another part called Train to be Even More Awesome, but I am considering that to be separate for my purposes LOL I just feel like with my arm being so wonky I need to lay off the chin-ups and upper body stuff. So I’m calling it. One day I will do the Be Even More Awesome part of the program, but not right now. I started the Beginner Blast-Off in late January, and took a month off in May when I got really sick/tired. It took me a long time to finish, but that is how real life goes.

I’ve improved a lot in how much I was able to lift!

I started out deadlifting 90 pounds, and my max was 155 pounds with the trap bar (which was too much but I was still able to do it!).

I increased rows from 20 to 35 pounds. I went from 12 pounds to 20 pounds on shoulder presses. I can actually do quite a few band assisted pull ups now!

My before markers for Phase 1:

  • Inverted rows 8
  • Goblet squats 35# x 10 reps
  • Pushups 15
  • KB swings 25# x 100 in 5:48

My after markers from Phase 2:

  • Inverted rows 30
  • Goblet squats 35# x 25
  • Pushups 20
  • KB swings 25# x 100 in 3:37!

Not too shabby. I could have done more pushups maybe if I had done some warmup sets, I don’t know. Other positives include a boost in self-confidence, happiness, and improved body image :D

Since beginning the program I’ve lost 14.2 pounds, 10 inches overall, and 5% body fat. And I have been eating ice cream almost every single day LOL And eating whatever I want and not counting anything.

So now what? I don’t know! I still haven’t decided. But I am definitely going to get back to running more. And I still need to do strength, but I don’t want to jack up my arm more than it is. So, stay tuned!


I am back down to 135.2, a new low so far this year. Body fat% is still at 31. I’m not anxious about anything, it just is what it is. I love that I have come this far in my thinking for me to be trying to lose weight, only losing sometimes 1 pound a month, and for it to just be OKAY. I don’t know what’s happened with me but seriously, I feel like I have made a major breakthrough! I think it helps that I am focusing on getting strong. I feel powerful instead of helpless or like a failure. And seeing myself the same every day while continuing to work out and just doing the same thing day in and out has helped me to somehow accept myself. It’s like one of those articles about how you just stop caring about certain things the older you get – it is coming true for me. And about time LOL.

Anyway. I could try harder with eating. And I will probably try to tighten things up. Yesterday I at least had 3 meals, and then called my treat a 4th. I ate throughout the day instead of saving it all up for when I get off work. That strategy doesn’t work. I will do the same today, I’m going to pack a breakfast and lunch here in a minute and make sure they get eaten today. I’m also working on phasing out the processed foods we have and moving more towards just whole foods. I really don’t need all of the cookies and crackers and whatever else. I have fun browsing the aisles and buying things at the grocery store, but a lot of it just ends up getting wasted. So time to stop buying it!

Tomorrow I will re-test the markers in TTBA, and then I am going to figure out what I need to do to so I can start focusing on running more. I need to start building a good base for marathon training next year. So no more excuses. I feel like I have almost just given up on it over the past few weeks. I want to make time for it and just get it done. It helps that the weather will hopefully start to cool down soon.

Just kind of rambling

Story of my life this year: I’m super understaffed at work and so I’m working every day. That means my workouts aren’t going as planned. I know I probably get enough steps in at work daily to keep me classified as active (10,000+ just from work). And yesterday I put away a pretty big Budweiser order, so I get my share of lifting in. But I don’t think that it is formal enough to keep me fit? I don’t know. And I like to exercise too!

This week I haven’t been able to do any of my runs in the morning. It is still too hot for me to do them in the afternoon. I guess I could just suck it up and go, but I don’t want to. I need to figure out a way for me to be able to run and work, and still get things done at work. These are so first world problems, I know.

I did my last workout in TTBA on Thursday! I’m waiting 3 days and I will retest the markers on Monday. And then, I don’t know what I will do! I don’t think I’ll continue with the Be Even More Awesome part of it. I know I still want to do strength 3 times a week. I have programs that I’ve bought and would like to use. I need to make a decision and get going on it after I finish the TTBA.

It’s Saturday so I’m going to weigh in tomorrow. I have no idea how it will be but I haven’t been being careful at all this week. Still having ice cream every day, and honestly I’ve been putting off eating at work so I end up eating more sweets at night. Not ideal at all. I am busy, sure, but I can still take the time to eat a meal so I can keep myself going and not feel so stressed through the day. I will try to do better. I haven’t been tracking the lean habits, which I should be. Talking about the weighing too, I was thinking I might take another month and not weigh at all again. So I might do that too.

Enough rambling I think :)

Weigh-in and Workouts

Well my sabotage efforts worked. I am up 1.2 pounds and 1% in body fat today. I am still down overall from the beginning of the month though. No big deal. Like I said, a bump in the road and I’ve moved on! **I wrote this and then decided to measure as well since it is the end of the month. I am down another 1.75 inches!! That puts me down 10.25 inches since December. Wasn’t upset before, but I am pretty happy about that! I’m glad that I am in a good place right now and not letting the numbers mess with my head. Because what I am doing is obviously working, when I look at ALL of the data and not just the weight.

My workouts were weird this week because of camping and tiredness. I didn’t do my runs, but at least I made sure to get my strength workouts in.


Upper body. I was able to do more pull-ups with my purple band! I did 6 sets with 4 reps and then 2 with 3 reps.


Lower body. The split squats are getting a little easier, I think? I don’t know why they are so hard for me, but they really are my nemesis LOL. I am doing 3 sets, 10 reps, with 15# dumbbells. Maybe one day I will move up to the 20 pounders.


Upper again. I did my pushups with my feet on a stool, and did 5 sets with 8 reps instead of the prescribed 6. I’m also doing my shoulder press with 20# dumbbells. Not bad :)


I accidentally upped the weight on my trap bar deadlifts by a lot. I was doing 50 pounds but somehow I just put the 35# plates on for the first set. And then I added another 10 pounds! I wondered why it was so difficult and I just figured it out last night in bed. It was way too much, and I know I didn’t have great form. So I think I can do 60 now, but definitely not 80 LOL. Also, M did a strength workout with me! She usually just walks on the treadmill for exercise while watching her iPad, but I guess that didn’t sound too appealing and I walked her through a warmup and a workout. Hopefully it wasn’t too hard on her and she might want to do it again!

I said I would be done after the phase 2 workouts, but I think I will actually just keep going and do the Train to be Even More Awesome part of the program too. But I am for sure just going back to 3 days a week. I think 4 is just too much for me. I’m getting too old I guess! I thought the workouts were going to be hard but they really don’t look that with a second look. I guess we’ll see what I decide. It kind of depends on my arm too, right now it doesn’t feel that great. I’ve been icing a lot more. But I think I need to finally make an appointment and see what is going on with it.

Anyway, my goal this week is to get back to the runs, and maybe add a mile here and there after my strength workouts this week.

Weigh-in, 5 workouts left, and a little self-sabotage.

So I weighed in last Friday because we were going camping and I wouldn’t be doing it on Sunday. I was down 1.4 pounds to 135.6, and .5% body fat to 30%. I haven’t been 135 since the juice fast, and I don’t remember ever seeing a body fat reading under 30%. So I am making good progress! Except for the self-sabotage that happened after that.

I have a list of excuses. We were camping and I just wanted to enjoy myself. I am super stressed from work. I was feeling exhausted. But I honestly don’t know why I am starting to sabotage my efforts. I have been eating way too many sweets and skipping meals. I overeat the sweets because I am skipping meals. I am not taking care of myself. And I always seem to do that when I hit a big milestone, like getting to a certain weight. Since we came back Sunday afternoon it has just been almost binge amounts of cookies, ice cream, candy, you name it. There is really no reason to overeat that stuff because I am not limiting it in any way. So that is a real wtf? in itself. BUT, I am going to get my control back. Instead of getting frustrated and just giving up, I’m just calling it a bump in the road and I’m going to start to do better. I’m going to get back to the habit tracking which went by the wayside when we left town. That will help immensely! I know that in a couple of days I’ll be doing (and more importantly) FEELING much better.

I skipped a few workouts too, but I’m back at that too. Today I did the Phase 2 workout #19 in the Train to be Awesome program! Now I only have 5 more to go. Then I retest the markers I did before Phase 1 and then I’m calling it done. The focus will turn more to running, with still keeping up the strength. I have to start building up my running if I am going to marathon train next year.

Anyway. Just getting all of that out there, so maybe I can move on. I’m going to eat 3 or 4 meals today, probably 3, with no snacks. My meals will probably include something sweet too. Just a small portion :)

My first hill repeats

Last night I had to stay up way too late, 10:30! I’m getting old, sigh. Anyway I slept in this morning and got out for my run later, so I went on the parkway. It was nice and cool and i was feeling pretty good. The only downside is that we are getting all of the smoke from the California fires right now, so probably not healthy to breathe all of that in for too long. I figured one day won’t hurt?

I mostly kept it at a medium difficulty pace (for me, for today). I tried to go an the dirt trail as much as possible until the end of my run where I did some hill repeats. I’ve never actually done hill repeats before! I don’t even know how long the hill was, I just sprinted up and jogged back down to catch my breath, and I did that 3 times. I thought about doing a couple more but called it good after the 3. I was out for just under 50 minutes and did about 5 miles. For trail running and the hills, this seems pretty good :)

Screenshot 2015-08-19 07.59.56

Screenshot 2015-08-19 08.00.34So enough goofing off this morning – time to go to work! ;)

Another weigh-in and workouts

Sunday morning so I weighed in again. I am up .4 pounds to 137, but the body fat% stayed at 30.5. It would have been nice to see another loss, but I am still down from the beginning of this month.

My workouts this week:


I was going to do a long run of an hour or so, but an employee at work got stranded so I ended up having to go open the store with only 20 minutes! That is my record time. We schedule an hour to get the store open. Anyway, I did about 40 minutes, probably 3.5 miles or so. It was frustrating because I kept getting interrupted on the phone.


Strength. Not much to say about it LOL


Strength again.


Ran about 3 3/4 for a 9:54 pace. Not great, but I remember feeling pretty worn out, so I’ll take it. They can’t all be amazing.


More strength. I’m kind of stuck on weights, I haven’t been able to increase really on anything. So I’m just on repeat. Oh well.


Strength, I have only 10 more workouts left in the Train to Be Awesome program!


Fitbit says I ran 5.11 for a 9:33 pace. Daily Mile said 5.26. I don’t really care LOL It was muggy, I felt like someone might be following me (or they were doing a paper route?), ran by a car accident, and then through construction. And then I went to work. It was a looooong day.

I think I will try and make more of an effort with my food this week. I have been a little lax on eating produce so I will work on that. I tracked 14 days in a row of 3-4 meals! So I’m going to start over and add being hungry for my first meal.

Goals for this week

I want to start putting a little more thought into what I’m doing for recomp/weight loss. But I’m going to start small. What I’ve been doing is easy, so it needs to stay easy!

I want to make sure I’m getting enough protein. So I’m going to start tracking that and making it a focus in my meals. I’m just going to plan ahead and make sure I choose some protein at every meal. The first day I tracked I got at least 114 grams in, so not bad! 100 grams will be the minimum.

I want to drink more water, or at least make sure I’m drinking a good amount every day. So I’m going to use my water bottle instead of grabbing cups at work and at least try to drink 2 of them daily. That’s 48 ounces.

I’m going to get serious about the lean habits again. So I’m starting over with eat 3-4 meals a day. I’ll go for two weeks and then add the next habit.

And that’s it! No need to make it complicated.


When we went camping last week we spent a lot of time fishing. We ended up going back later in the week to do more fishing! Like I said, mostly fishing, a little hike, and then the rest of the time was spent lounging about, building a fire, or cooking.

Our campsite:


Hiking to Bonnie Lake:


I actually didn’t get any pictures of the lake when we were camping but we went back to fish more on Friday and I snapped some then. It is such a beautiful lake.


It was great and we caught lots of fish! We will be eating that for a while I’m sure. I can’t wait until we go camping again in a few weeks :)

Not losing muscle and my week in workouts

I weighed in again this morning. I’m up .2 pounds to 137.6, but my body fat% is down .5 to 31%. I’ll take the lower body fat% any day!

Now, I know that the body fat readings on scales are not completely accurate. But I do think it is good for showing trends. I was looking at when I started this year, at 152.2 pounds and 37.5% body fat. I still can’t even believe that it was that high. Anyway, I’m down almost 15 pounds and 6.5% body fat. My lean body mass has almost stayed the same. That would mean I am not losing any muscle! I say that is a good thing :)

So that talk the other day about overthinking and wanting to change stuff, well maybe I should just stick to what I have been doing because it is obviously working. And it is EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

I still do want to stop eating so much ice cream LOL I am eating more than a serving every night. Sometimes I realize I’m not enjoying it as much as I used to, but there are times like last night when I just can’t get enough really. I’m not feeling uncomfortable after I eat dinner and ice cream, like overfull or anything. So I guess there’s that. I don’t know, I am at least going to stop buying it from the store, and just make some when I want some. So maybe that will curb the habit a bit. We’ll see what happens this week. My workouts left me feeling worked over this week for sure. Here’s what I did:


Went for a 6 mile run. My average pace was 9:19!! I’m using my new Fitbit Surge and I really can’t say how accurate it is, but whatever. That pace is possible for me. I am loving being able to get out on the parkway instead of the streets, so I go mostly on the dirt trails. That’s more fun anyway.


TTBA Workout 1. My workouts take me around an hour with a warmup. This one has trap bar deadlifts and we didn’t have a trap bar before so we bought one for this. The bar alone weighs 75 pounds!!! I managed to add 50 more and do my deadlifts. It was tough. There are also some single leg deadlifts that I hadn’t done in a long time. This one left me feeling very sore.


TTBA Workout 2. I tried ring pushups and was successful! I wasn’t able to go down very far, but in the past I haven’t been able to do them at all.


Early morning run! I did 3 miles with a warmup and then a little stretching. I never have enough time to stretch with these early runs.


TTBA Workout 3. The rear foot elevated split squats did me in! They always do.


TTBA Workout 4. I tried mixed grip chin ups for the first time and they are HARD. Up until now I have been doing a neutral grip every time. I am using two different assistance bands and for these I had to use the thicker one for more assistance. Again, hard!

Saturday was a rest day! I am going to get out for another quick run this morning, probably just 3-4 miles.