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2 stitches can make a HUGE difference

Dsc01002So I finished Mountain Peaks, thinking the little mistake I made somewhere along the second half of Dsc00972the border would just be minor.  Well  I got to blocking and it is not minor.  I don’t know what the hell happened, but it totally messed it up.  It’s okay though, you can’t really tell when it is being worn, and it is my first shawl after all.  Otherwise, this thing is so beautiful!  I love it!  I never thought I’d be a shawl wearer, but I think I’m hooked now!  I hope you can see the detail in the pic, if I decide it sucks I’ll take another, how about that.  As I said before , the Trellis Scarf is also finished, and I’m thinking it is also very nice.  I reDsc01001ally didn’t have too much trouble with either one of these, a little tinking here and there but nothing to make me want to hurt myself.  I didn’t know what to do with myself after I weaved the ends in on the shawl, it was kind of like ‘what now?’  I want to do more lace, but I’m not sure what.  It’s a little silly to be in the Amazing Lace with no actual lace to knit, yes?  I’m pretty sure I’ll do another Mountain Peaks Shawl, it is just a question of when. 

Official Shawl Stats:

  • Pattern – Mountain Peaks Shawl by Miriam FeltonDsc00992_edited_1
  • Yarn – Knitpicks Shadow, Jewels colorway
  • Needles – US size 5, icky Clovers (must get proper lace-knitting needles)
  • Took me – About a month, though the bulk of it was done in a week
  • Comments – Love it!  I love that it looks so complex, but it was pretty simple to actually knit.

Official Scarf Stats:

  • Pattern – Trellis Scarf by Evelyn A. Clark, Spring 2006 issue of Interweave KnitsDsc01000_edited
  • Yarn – Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud, Tide Pool colorway
  • Needles – US size 5
  • Took me – About a month, I took a long break in the middle there
  • Comments – I really like this, and I know I’ll be wearing come the appropriate time.  The only thing that bugged me was trying to remember to purl loosely on the row befor the K7tog row.  What a pain that stitch is!

It’s too hot!

It is almost too much to even knit lately.  It’s been over 100 degrees for at least the last 5 days, if not more than that.  Damn global warming anyway.  The heat is really getting to me, making me grumpy, tired and not interested too much in knitting.  How sad, yes?  I have been working a little on the Trellis scarf here and there, and guess what – it is finished!  The knitting is finished, and it is lying on my living room floor with pins and string running through it, getting a good blocking.  Yay!!  So now both of my Amazing Lace projects are done!  I’m going to go ahead and add the Mountain Peaks Shawl as another teammate though.  I really thought that finishing Trellis would bring my WIP total down, but turns out I still have 4 items on the needles.  And I will be adding one more soon, can you guess what it will be?  I’ll give you a couple of hints.  It comes from a really cool book.  It will be very colorful.  It will be fitting for someone smaller.  Did I give too much away?  Well leave a guess anyway, there just may be something in it for you.  There is also a special reason for why I am starting this new project, I’ll tell you about that later, too.  Pictures of the Trellis Scarf soon to come…

WIPs for the Weekend

First, one thing I don’t like about Typepad is that when I preview my post and then click back in my browser window instead of Re-edit this post, I lose my post.  Like I did just now.  Argh!  I haven’tDsc00787_2 worked on the Baby Blanket #1 for a while, I thought I better start on #2 so I actually have a chance at completeing all three of them in time.   I’m trying it a little differently this time, both the pattern and the yarn.  I’m trying to do all the same yarn types/weight.  I had to go get like 6 more colors from Three Wishes, and I’ll probably end up going to get at least one more when I start Blanket #3.  I was going along making it all neutral until I add the peach.  What was I thinking with the peach?!  So I’m sure the sis is having at least one girl (I kind of think she’ll have two girls, making it three wonderful girls!).  She better have a girl!  This blanket went from neutral to girly as soon as I added the peach.  That aside, I really like how this one is going, and I think it will look great when all is said and done.

The Mountain Stream Scarf has been getting the rest of my attention the last few days.  I really like everything about this.  The pattern is easy enough for me to follow and pay attention to, I’ve only had to tink a fewDsc00791_1 times and nothing major at that.  I love the yarn.  I love that I’m the one making it and it is turning out so pretty!  I almost feel bad that I’ve been neglecting the Trellis Scarf, almost.  But I will keep going on this one and hopefully have it finished some time next week!  I have 9 repeats done already!  My plan is to do 2 more repeats for the next two nights, and then finish it off the next night I work on it.  I could really use some rain at night to push it along though.  I’ve been sitting in the living room with the window open, and nothing is better than the sound of rain.  Of course we are right by a semi-major road so I still get the cars whizzing by, but it’s all good.  So I’m fast becoming lost in the lace, and I’m thinking I may have to take the plunge and try Mim’s Mountain Peaks Shawl.  Am I insane for even thinking that I might be able to do it?!  What can I say, I’m adventurous.  Well I like to think I am in knitting anyway !

WIPs for the weekend

I’m having Dsc00762a very productive day and I thought I’d share.  I finally started on the Mountain Stream Scarf today.  I made it through the corner turns and 2 repeats of the body chart.  Yahoo!  So far it hasn’t given me any problems, and I’m happy to have it as a teammate in The Amazing Lace.  I keep forgetting to do the k2tog at the ends of rows, but thankfully I remember before I start the next row and am able to fix it before it causes problems.  Dsc00761_1

Progress on the Trellis Scarf has been slow, but I’m still plugging away on it.  Last night I worked on it for 2 hours, only to finish one pattern repeat.  Too much tinking for that late an hour!  I now have a total of 9 repeats done, with only 15 more to go.  Maybe I’ll havDsc00763e it finished in a month.

I also started a sock so I’d have something small to take to Stitch n Bitch.  I got quite a bit done on it that night.  They are only going to be a little more than ankle socks as there isn’t a whole lot of yarn there.  It’s pretty fun yarn though, not bad for just messing around with the dyeing!

Remember how I said I bought this book?  And I casted on for Gyrid?  Well, I wasn’t feeling it, so I took it back.  Honestly there was only one other pattern I could have seen myself making, so I don’t feel bad about returning it.  I went downtown to Black Sheep and picked up this book instead, Dsc00760_1I’d been eyeing it for a while now and decided on a whim to get it.  That and I have Hempathy I need to use, and it was fate that they still had some left in the color and dyelot I originally bought from there.  I took it all as I sign.  Anyway, I’m still swatching the Hempathy.  Also, remember I was knitting IK’s Prarie Tunic?  I wasn’t feeling that either, so I frogged.  The yarn is now turning into the Erica jacket.  I’m just hoping and praying that I have enough yarn!  I should, if I make the sleeves shorter, which I’ll need to anyway.  Blah blah blah, I almost have the back done after starting it on Wednesday.

Of course I’m still working on the blanket, and I’m almost ready to start another one.  I’m doing my best to keep myself in good spirits, even though the thought of all that garter stitch is overwhelming sometimes.  Think about the babies, the babies need those blankets…

Meet Team Skeptical

Me First there is me.  Look ma, no hair!  I learned to knit long ago in my teens, only to drop it, never to return.  So I thought.  Then I got pregnant and with the ‘nesting’ came the need to knit.  It took me two years to finish the baby blanket that I so desired!  I kept trying though, and soon after came felted bags, socks, and even sweaters.  I feel like I have to try everything, at least once.  Now I have done some lace, so I’m not a total virgin.  I worked with Cozy as a gift for my sister last year, and all went well.  I suppose I’ve done more lace than I had originally remembered.  This year I have to show for my knitting; Embossed Leaves socks, Pomatomus socks, Ribbed Lace socks, and even knitty’s Reid (well I’m almost finished with it!).  They all have intentional holes, so yes, they are lace.  But the time has come to work with yarn that is actual lace weight.  Enter my first teammate.

Trellis sDsc00704carf by Evelyn Clark, as seen in the Spring ’06 issue of Interweave Knits.  The yarn is Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool, which is very fine.  Made even finer by pairing it with size 5 US needles!  It was pretty scary when I first started knitting with this stuff – nothing to hold on to, and it sure doesn’t grip the needles.  I’ve already begun the scarf, and so far I’ve made it through the border and then 3 lace pattern repeats.  We’ve had our trials, but so far it is going well and I can’t complain.  It is a bit frustrating when I spend 20 minutes on one row and don’t even end up completing the row, buDsc00705_1t we are trying to understan d each other and just be patient.  The tools so far are primitive, close to none even.  Not a post-it, ruler, or even *gasp* a lifeline!  I know I’m probably breaking THE biggest rule in lace knitting not using a lifeline – I promise if I have to frog another time (I’ve only had to once so far), I will use one.  I’m keeping track of what row I’m on by writing that number on the side of my page, and the number of repeats done are being tracked with chicken scratches on the back of the page.  It’s working so far, and why fix what isn’t broken?

The second project I’ve chosen is Susan’s Mountain Stream Scarf.  I’m going out later today to see if I can find the yarn called for.  I thought about subbing, but it is obvious that Susan is wise, so I’m going with her choice. 

I thought it best to set a few ground rules, mostly for me.

For me:

  • Count stitches after every wrong side row.
  • If unsure that I’m on the right track while on a right side row, count stitches to avoid having to tink said row when I find out at the end that yes, I did screw up.
  • Give a tug every few rows to make sure everything is still holding together and no stitches have been dropped.  This lesson was learned 20 some rows in and it all started to unravel.
  • Never watch TV that is too involved while knitting the lace, i.e. Six Feet Under.  Law & Order, Days of Our Lives, and cheesy Lifetime movies are fine.
  • No swearing or otherwise unkind or offensive words.  The lace has feelings too!
  • Never get cocky.  If I do, know that a huge mistake will soon follow.
  • In Margene’s words, "Enjoy the Process".  Even the backwards process.

For the Yarn, Needles, and Patterns:

  • Please don’t get tangled or knotted.  (Yarn)
  • Please be patient and don’t feel abused if I have to frog.  (Yarn)
  • Please stay away from The Baby to avoid any undoing or unintentional frogging.  (Yarn/WIP)
  • Please don’t get lost.  (Yarn, Needles, Pattern).

So if everyone follows the rules and tries to have fun, it should be a very satisfying experience.  Wish us luck!  And thanks to Theresa and Rachel for coming up with such a fun idea!

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow – we’re celebrating my blogiversary (belated)!  Leave a comment so you can be put in the drawing to win a yarn-y prize!  Please, more than one person show so I don’t feel like a total lame-o – LOL!