Goals for 2016

My number one goal for 2016 is to keep the weight off that I’ve lost so far. It isn’t ALL about my weight, but I am not going to put back on weight that took me all year to get off!! So my other goals need to be centered around that. The whole point of losing weight the way I did was that I was going to be doing the things that I like and want to do, which would result in the body I get/have. So in theory, if I just keep doing what I want to do (lifting, running, eating what I want) then my body will not blow up like a balloon with weight regain. I want to be off of the yo-yo roller coaster for good!!

So right now I’m sitting at 125-127 pounds, 25-26% body fat.* Even if I never lost another pound, I would probably be happy where I am. But I think that I could lose another 5 without too much pain and suffering. Maybe even another 10?

To do that, I would probably need to tighten up my eating a bit. That is something I want to do anyway. I’ve been pretty fast and loose with treats, which is fine, but it is kind of losing its appeal. I’m feeling some treat overload I guess LOL So I do want to lower my treat consumption and replace it with more nutritious food.

I think I want to go back to something like the real food rules. If I have treats, I want to make them myself. Since I don’t have tons of free time lately, that will automatically mean less treats LOL I know I will feel better if I’m eating more real food and more nutritious food, so it can’t hurt to try. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this just yet, but it seems like the easiest thing would be to say I’m going to make all of my treats/junk myself, and to buy more whole foods.

Equally important to me is that I run the Portland Marathon in October!! If not more important…I don’t know 😉 Anyway, I know what to do for that one. I need to keep on lifting weights and keep on running. I’ve been tempted more and more lately to skimp on weights, and I need to knock that off! If weights/strength is on the schedule I just need to make it happen, no matter what. I also think I need to do more short strength sessions after runs, like the mini routines I used to do all of the time. I really want to stay injury free, and I think the best ways to do that are to stay strong, lose a few more pounds, and stick to my running schedule I’ve got mapped out.**

I also have a few non-fitness/health related goals.

  • Spin, knit, and sew more.
  • Try to learn Spanish (I’ve made this goal several times but never followed through.)
  • Read more
  • Save money, now that my car is paid off!!

So I guess that’s it. That’s probably enough. I’m really going to make an effort to do them all instead of just saying I want to and then not following through. I’m not worried about the running and weight stuff, but the other stuff tends to fall by the wayside pretty easily.

So, what are your goals for 2016?

*My lean body mass is only down like 1.5 pounds. Yay for not losing muscle!!

**I’ve been using a schedule I made up for myself that was more than a year long LOL I’m still doing it with success so I better keep on it!



Yesterday I ran my 12 miles and about halfway into it my knee really started to ache.  I kept going, walking a lot and stopping to stretch but it didn’t seem to help.  By mile 10 I wanted to just stop and walk the rest of the way home.  At 11 I did stop and walk half a mile and then managed to hobble/run up to 12 and then I just hobbled the rest of the way home.  I thought an ice bath would help but after 20 minutes I was still in the same condition.

We had some friends over for dinner so I indulged in some beer because, you know, it is supposed to be a great recovery drink!  Not even that helped to take away my pain 😆  So after a mostly sleepless and uncomfortable night my knee is really, really stiff and sore and in pain when I go to bend it.  I can still bend it though, and I can walk without pain, mostly.  It is more stiff and sore now than anything.

I have come to the conclusion that my body is just ready to be done with this marathon stuff.  For me, I am overtrained, overworked, just plain worn out.  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all!!!!  I don’t know if I will be able to do my runs this week, again.  Last week I only did one short and the long.  I do feel like even if I can’t run until the day of the race, I would be able to finish the marathon, IF my knee is feeling good again.  I do want to finish the race, but honestly at this point I don’t care if I can’t do it.  I’d be happy just to go on vacation and enjoy myself and maybe someday actually do a marathon.  Okay I say that, but I don’t really mean it.  But what can I do?  It is what it is.  I guess all I can do now is wait it out, see if I can keep going with my training, and do the best I can.  This sucks 😆


I DID IT!!  I had serious doubts about whether I would be able to finish 20 whole miles today, but I decided to just push myself and DO IT.  I fully expected it to take 4 hours, but I did it in 3:34!  I kind of lost it after mile 12 and stopping at the house to refill my fuel stores, but I kept pushing and finally started to feel a bit better.  I did walk more than I wanted to but I didn’t really walk at all until mile 10.

It is time to taper!  What a lovely thought 😀  I can’t believe the race is so close now, only 3 more weeks. I have a little more confidence in myself now with this 20-miler under my belt.  Of course my foot may act up again but I am going to be proactive this time and ice on and off all day.  Hopefully I will recover fine.



I think I have tendonitis in my right foot 😦  I did my 19 miles last Saturday and the top of my foot hurt for the rest of the weekend.  After two days off it felt a little better, still with some pain/uncomfortableness, so I ran 5 yesterday.  Today it feels all crazy again.  Of course I don’t exactly know that this is what is wrong, since I’m working off of a google self-diagnosis 😆  But what I’ve read sounds pretty much like what is going on with me.  Great!  Just 4 weeks before the marathon, perfect.

I guess I am going to skip my run today and spend most of my time icing and taking ibuprofen.  I know things are better for me if when I notice a problem I rest, so I don’t want to be stupid and try to run through the pain.  Also I think it is better to skip runs on a shorter mileage week like this week, rather than one where I do my 20 mile long run.  I hope that at least by Friday and the latest by Sunday I will be feeling good again and ready to run.  Send me healing vibes!!

Running = depressed?

I did my 18 miles today.  It was very hard, especially miles 12-16.  Just couldn’t get my shit together!  By the last 2 miles I was just glad to be going at a pace that I could breathe semi-normally again.  My legs were killing me and they are still pretty stiff now, even after a pretty cold bath post-run and lying down with my legs propped up on pillows.

So here I am, hours later and I’m just feeling funky.  Bummed out.  Really bummed out!!

I should be happy that I made it through a run that long and I can still walk around!

Maybe I just need carbs 😆

It’s days like these that I wonder what the frick I’m doing and why, and seriously doubt my ability to make it through a marathon.  If you got good vibes, please send them my way.

On Training

I nixed my countdown, obviously 😆  I had a couple of bad days there after my last post, but I got back on track and have been having a pretty good week.  I’m down any pounds that I was up, but still not heading downward overall so I hope that will change soon.  I’m thinking of starting a new ‘diet’ of my own – fruit, veggies, protein, and chocolate!  Just kidding.  I’ve still been eating what I want, just trying to eat a lot less.  It gets tricky when I’m trying to figure out how to fuel long runs but I think I’m doing okay.  Like I said, I hope that I will start a downward trend with my weight again soon instead of staying the same or up and down the same 2-3 pounds.  If I don’t then I will try and tweak what I’m doing.

My training is going along well, the running part anyway!  I’ve not been doing strength training like I want to and have been skipping some cross training.  I want to try and do better on those.  Here’s my weekly graph from Daily Mile right now.

Getting it done. Mostly.

Today’s was 13.  I got up bright and early at 4:45 so I could have coffee and have plenty of time to get ready.  I was out the door at 6:00, and got back home at about 8:30.  The run took me 2:17 for about a 10:30 pace.  I always plan for an 11:00 pace so this is good I guess 😆  The first 8 miles were easy but after that it got harder.  I had a gel at mile 4, maybe I should have had another at 8, I don’t know.  I’ve done a handful of halfs before and never needed any extra gels or drinks besides water.  I feel like I’m screwing up the pacing so bad and I’ll never make it through a marathon!  I just don’t know what to do, but I will keep trying.

15 miles

They were rough but I got them done.  Actually the first half was not bad at all.  I think I overdid it though, once again.  After my pit stop at the house I just had such a hard time getting going again.  It was kinda miserable 😆  At around mile 13 I was thinking I could just quit, since 13 miles is what was on The Boyfriend’s schedule yesterday.  But that would have been lame!!  So I kept going.  At 14 I could not breathe so I walked about 1/4 mile.  After that I told myself I just had to finish, no matter how slow.

The dirty timing details. Miserable!

I am very glad that there is only 13 on next week’s schedule.  I can’t believe I just said that.

Okay, I think part of my problem is I’m trying to figure out how to fuel for these longer runs.  Up until now I’ve only done half marathons.  I ate a few bananas before the race and then made it through with water only.  Usually gatorade and gels make me sick.  But I am thinking that I will need more to get me through as my distances get longer.  Today at the halfway point I had 2 homemade fig newtons.  It was just too much I think.  I started needing a lot of water after that and I think that was just too much in my stomach.  I ended up having a gel around mile 11? too.  The side stitches were SO bad from 12 on.  Maybe I will just try making my own gel from dates and just stick with water.  I’ll try this next weekend and see how it goes.

Farthest run to date!

I did my 14 miles today 😀  It went better than I hoped, I was aiming for an 11:00 pace but ended up with a 10:42.  2 1/2 hours.  Not too shabby!  This time I tried doing 2 separate loops, stopping at home in the middle for a bathroom trip, to suck down a gel, reapply some body glide, and get a water refill.  It was great idea and I will do again for sure on longer runs.

I am slow but fairly steady!

The first half of the run went pretty well, almost too easy.  I was trying to pace myself since I tend to go all out too soon and then get exhausted by the second half of a long run.  I did better, but there is still room to improve.  I made it through the whole thing only walking for a minute a few times.  I feel not too bad either!  Maybe I just need time to stiffen up and get sore.  My knees did get achy before I even got to the halfway point so I’m going to take a nice cold bath.  I hope that with some more pounds gone the achy knee thing will go away.  Still can’t believe I made it 14 miles!  Now I get to look forward to 15 next week 😀

Enjoy your Sunday!