Etsy Update

It took me forever but I have finally updated the shop!  Thanks for looking, and stay tuned because I finally got some sweater pics to share with you!  Until then 🙂

Etsy 4/5


Etsy Update

I've got sweater vest progress to show you but I'd have to take a picture first ;)  So just a quick note to let you know I've done an update over at my Etsy shop so go take a look!  It's mostly Corriedale top but there are a couple of Oatmeal BFL tops I added too.

Thanks for looking!  I promise I'll have some WIP photos for you soon.

Etsy Update

Just a quick post to let you know I've updated my etsy shop – TimetoKnit – with a bunch of merino and some BFL.  There is more BFL to come along with some Falkland soon.  Thanks for looking!

Here's a sneak peek : )


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Third Wave Harf

ETA: I have updated my etsy shop – TimetoKnit – with some great Merino and Targhee top.  Go look!

This knit has been hanging out for a while and since I have nothing else to talk about today, I will showIMG_2173
you my Third Wave Harf.  Last time I looked at the picture in the book
I realized I have sewn the buttons on the wrong way.  Easy fix, but I'm
still showing you the harf!  It also needs a bit of a blocking as you
can see by the front of the hood.  Anyway, here it is.

  • Pattern – Third Wave Harf by Spincycle Yarns
  • Yarn – My handspun in what I'm calling the Campfire colorway
  • Needles – US Size 7
  • Knitting Time – A few months
  • Comments – Fun and interesting!

If you see this harf on the street, you will definitely know it is me, right?! 😉


Just a quick note here to let any of you spinners know that I've marked down all of the fiber in my Etsy shop  by 20%!!  I'm working on getting another update and I'd like to clear some things out of the shop first.  Thanks for looking 🙂

And I promise, promise I will have some finished knits to show you in the next couple of days!

Actual Finished Items!

First some exciting news.  I have decided to take the plunge and open my own etsy shop!!  My username there is Time to Knit.  I don’t have loads of stuff listed right now, but I’ll be putting up mostly my hand dyed fibers and handspun yarn, and pretty soon some original batts as soon as I get some good practice in with my new carder 😉  So go on over and check it out, even if it is just to tell me what you think! 

It’s been a while for FOs hasn’t it?  Well I got down to business yesterday and finally finished some socks.  I have no Img_1920
idea how long these have been in the works, it seems like over a month, at least.  I don’t usually knit while I’m debate watching, but I made an exception last night!  I won’t go into more boring details, just give you the stats:

  • Pattern – Vertical Lace with Twisted Ribbing from MSKS
  • Yarn – Handspun by me, superwash merino from The Dyeing Arts
  • Needles – US size 1 1/2
  • Took me  – Too long
  • Comments – They aren’t exactly the same but I didn’t care enough to fix them.  They both fit anyway!

  • Pattern – Double Moss from SKS
  • Yarn – Sock yarn by Hello Yarn, I don’t have the Img_1919colorway name
  • Needles – US KP Size 1
  • Took me – Way too long
  • Comments – I wasn’t expecting the yarn to do what it did on these socks.  I like them though.  The colors blend a little more than you would want if you are going for a stripey look.  Great yarn though!!