Weigh-in and Workouts

The weight and food:

Last week 126.4 pounds, 26% body fat

This week 125.8 pounds, 26.5% body fat

Down .6 pounds, up .5% body fat. The body fat does that, but last month I actually saw 25.5% a lot, so I’m thinking it will go down soon. I’ve decided to once again stop weighing in daily, so I won’t know what is happening as much. I’m okay with that. Things are probably going to be pretty slow in the weight loss area and I think it will be more annoying to weigh daily anymore. I may even go a month without weighing again like I did last April.

This week was two extremes. The first half was just way too much food, well treats, really. I was just eating a lot of empty calories. And not feeling great either! I guess I was testing the waters. I don’t like doing that anymore. So hopefully I’m over it. The second half was much better. I started eating better, eating less, having a lot less treats. I’m feeling a lot better, mostly mentally. I feel more in control, and happier about my choices. This week I’m going to be more strict about my mealtimes, only doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner and no snacking in between. I’m also going to stop having dessert every night and go for alternate nights. I’ll have fruit on the other nights. That should help to start moving the weight loss along again.

My workouts this week:

Sunday was a very cold 8.51 miles. The temp was about 10 when I left with a feels like of 1 or zero. So cold! I had bought some gear to keep me warmer the day before though so I was set. The trail was packed down with snow and ice so I had to be careful. I felt pretty good up until mile 7 when I started to tire a bit. I did it in 1 hour and 20 minutes for a 9:20 pace.

Monday was 3.02 miles, 28 minutes, 9:14 pace. Easy run followed by weights. I did deadlifts, hammer curls, quad curls, kb rows, and calf raises. I guess I’m trying to up my strength game a little. I got back up to 80# in plates on my deadlifts!

Tuesday was 5.04 miles, 48 minutes, 9:38 pace. Still snowy and icy on the parkway trail, and an orange air day. I tried not to work too hard.

Wednesday I tried out the treadmill, which totally sucked. I did a slow 2 miles and then said eff this, and did 1 more elliptical mile. I just didn’t feel good on the treadmill! I actually felt kind of dizzy, and I was going slowish, so I don’t know what was up. I hate the treadmill though. I also did weights. DB romanian deadlifts, shoulder presses, and skater squats.

Thursday I did another 5.26 miles. Since it was the last run of the year I got it in my head to just push it and go as fast as I could. I finished in 44 minutes for an 8:18 pace! That’s pretty damn fast for me. I was struggling the entire time though, so probably too fast. But I just pushed through even though it was damn hard. I wished it wasn’t that hard, but I just have to face that I’m not that fast LOL

Friday I was feeling incredibly sore from the last two days! I could barely do the floor touches in my warmup. I got in 3.08 miles, 29 minutes, 9:24 pace. I really just took it easy since the day before was so hard. After that I did weights. Squats, DB rows, calf raises, and quad curls.

Saturday I did nothing!

Totals – 27.96 miles, 6 hours 20 minutes working out

You can see I’m still mostly just doing lower body. I have been trying out more upper body stuff, like the hammer curls, and I’m less afraid of the mountain climbers in my running warmup. I tried pushups the other day but those are still out, because of my bicep actually. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I am going to have it checked out sometime soon. I added one more mile this week and my schedule will stay the same for two more weeks. Still working my way up in miles, slowly but surely.


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