Cold weather running gear

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I plan on sticking to my outdoor runs this winter up until we start to get red air days. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this is a problem we have every year. When it gets too cold here in the valley, the emissions, pollution, aka particulate matter just get trapped by the warmer air above us. When that happens, we just have to wait it out, until it gets warmer or a storm comes through and pushes all of the junk in the air somewhere else. Sounds lovely right? We all hate it. Anyway, so far this year we haven’t had any red days, so I’m still out running. Even on Sunday when it was 10 degrees with a feels like 2.

I knew it was going to be damn cold, so I went to the running store to pick up some things to help me not freeze. I got an Icebreaker Apex Chute, and some nicer/warmer gloves (also Icebreaker brand) than I’ve been using. I tried on a balaclava but it just seemed like too much and I’m glad I didn’t get it. The neck warmer was plenty. I was able to pull it up over my ears and basically just leave my face uncovered. It helped a lot!

Here’s everything else I wore on Sunday.

These warm tights from Title Nine have been amazing. They are a bit long on me (but everything is) but they keep me pretty warm. I use them for anything under 30 degrees.

I have lots of layers to wear but mostly I just use a cold weather pullover like this with another tech top underneath. I wear a long sleeve for 20s, short sleeve for 30s.


Drymax Socks. I started wearing these after my feet got soaked from some slush and they are amazing. They feel thick and bulky, but I don’t worry about my feet getting wet or cold. These socks rock 😉

My Icebreaker beanie has also been a lifesaver. I don’t wear it unless it is colder than 30 and sometimes it even keeps me too warm! Another one I can’t live without is my Smartwool underwear. So far I’ve only been able to afford one pair, but they make all the difference and its money well spent.

So there you go. Some ideas of what to wear when it gets really freaking cold outside but you still want to run 😀


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