Last week 127.2 pounds, 26.5% body fat

This week 126.4 pounds, 26% body fat

So this week I lost .8 pounds and .5% body fat. Again, I was weighing in the last 3 days under 126, but had another big holiday meal yesterday and it went back up LOL Oh well. That should be the last of them! And things can be more consistent now. I am all cookie-d out now I think. There were sooo many treats here yesterday, and I tried them all! And no regrets or feeling guilty, just going to keep going. Like I do.

Other than my big meal last night, this past week’s food has been pretty boring. Except for my burger on Friday night at the Copper Onion. It was amazing! I chose salad instead of fries, and shared some of the sides we got which were brussels sprouts and shishito peppers. It was all so good and I cleaned my plate. It might have been too big of a meal, but it was so good and I hardly ever get to go there. We also went for pizza at The Pie, but I just had salad and 2 1/2 slices there. Didn’t go overboard.

All of my other meals have just been regular food. And I’m doing pretty good not snacking and doing balanced meals. I was surprised to be 125.4 a couple of days ago! That means what I’m doing is still working 🙂

This week’s workouts:

Sunday I did 5.15 miles/48 minutes/9:16 pace.

Monday was 3.31 miles/31 minutes/9:22 pace. It had just snowed big time and it was so beautiful out on the parkway! I hate taking my phone with me, but maybe I should start to take pictures LOL I skipped my strength because I had shoveled snow for about 2 hours that day!

Tuesday I did a bunch more shoveling. After work I did 4 miles/35.5 minutes/8:52 pace.

Wednesday was 3.04 miles/28:50 minutes/9:29 pace. After that I did weights. Deadlifts, hammer curls, leg curls, shoulder presses, and calf raises. I think I did like 8 sets of deadlifts! I tried to hit it harder than I have been lately.

Thursday I ran 5.27 miles/50 minutes/9:27 pace. The first half kind of sucked, but after that it was okay. It sounds lame but I have such a hard time with my shoes sometimes. If they aren’t tied perfectly they feel so awkward. I hate it.

Friday was 3.03 miles/27 minutes/8:58 pace. I also did lots of squats, 92! I started at 50# and then worked up to 100#. I was feeling that yesterday! I also did kb rows and quad curls.

Saturday was a rest day 😀

I think I’ve covered it all, so just going to do it again this coming week. I’m pretty sure I’ll hit my mini-goal of staying under 126 (for next week’s weigh-in). My other goal is to just keep running and stay injury-free.



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