Weigh-in and workouts

Last week 127.4 pounds, 26% body fat

This week 127.2 pounds, 26.5% body fat

I think its funny how I can be weighing in at 126 for 3 days in a row and then jump back up for my weigh-in day 🙂 Oh well. Technically I still did lose .2 pounds. The jump back up might have something to do with the giant meal I had last night?! We had friends over and had a feast. So much food! I didn’t eat much the rest of the day so it all evens out, but I think having such a big meal must make me a little bloated for a while. Not pictured was the dessert plate that was just a bit smaller than the dinner plate LOL


Besides yesterday, I have been working on regular meals and eating just enough. I think I’ve been doing pretty well. Also trying to get in more veggies with meals, which has translated into a lot of lunch salads. It seems to be working this week. As I said, I was down to 126.2 at one point during the week. I’ll be back there soon enough.

This week’s workouts were very minimal and I even skipped a day. It was a down week that was much needed! I was getting on the verge of burnout I think. So just 3 mile runs and 2 strength workouts.

Sunday – 4.06 miles, 9:32 pace. My notes say that I hated this run because I was feeling so worn out!

Monday – 2.09 miles, 8:42 pace. This was a quickie before weights, I think I just wanted to get it done so I really pushed it! My weights workout was deadlifts, shoulder presses, and split squats.

Tuesday – 3.04 miles, 9:35 pace. I was incredibly sore from the lower body work on Monday!

Wednesday – I skipped my workouts this day. Just too tired. I think it was needed though, because I felt tons better on Thursday.

Thursday – 3 miles, 8:43 pace. It was super windy outside and there was lots of crap flying around LOL I felt it in my mouth when I was done :/ BUT the run was great! Fast, but my heart rate wasn’t in peak according to the fitbit.

Friday – 3.05, 9:33 pace. This was a nice and easy one.

Saturday – Another rest day 😀

This coming week I will just keep on doing the regular meals and tracking my habits. My mini-goal is to get to 126 pounds, so I hope that I can swing that this week. My running will be back up to 25 and then 27 miles per week before my next down week. I’m feeling like I’m back in business and ready for it!

Total miles run – 15.25      Total time working out – 2 hours 41 minutes.

Make it a great week!

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