Weigh-in and workouts

Last week 127 pounds and 26.5% body fat

This week 127.2 pounds and 26% body fat

The scale has been mostly under 126 all week but not today. The body fat even dipped down to 25% one day, so I guess I’m not surprised that that one is down today.

Eating has not been great this week. I’m getting too relaxed and maybe eating too much treats. 2 leftover pies meant pie for breakfast, and I still had desserts after dinner. Gotta try and rein it in again. Maybe I’ll start working on the habit that involves tracking treats?! I don’t know.

Here’s my workouts last week:

Sunday I didn’t do anything because I switched my long run to the day before. I had to work on Sunday too 😦

Monday I did 2 miles and then weights. I ran out of time and only did deadlifts, 8 sets.

Tuesday was 4.16 miles, 9:16 pace. I ran up the hill in Fort Union again and it seemed like I improved from the week before! I didn’t stop the whole way up the hill (except to tie my shoes a few times at the beginning).

Wednesday I did 3.1 miles, 9:23 pace. After that I did skater squats, kb rows, and back extensions. I’m working on stretching and foam rolling more, so I did some of that too.

Thursday was 5 miles in 45 minutes, 9:04 pace. I was pushing it a bit for this one, but at the same time it felt comfortable, if that makes sense. I wasn’t dying at the end!

Friday got away from me and I was just plain tired. So I didn’t work out. I decided to do my long run on Saturday and do a few miles on Sunday to make up for missing Friday.

Saturday was 8 miles! I’d say it went pretty well. I did it in 1:16 for a 9:29 pace. It felt ‘easy’ most of the way through, my pace was pretty even, and my heart rate stayed consistent too! I wore a knee sleeve I got that seemed to help it not feel wonky at all. I bundled up as it was supposed to be around 25, but halfway through I started to get too warm. It was a beautiful day too!! Overall a pretty great run. I stretched a lot after and did some foam rolling last night.

Run totals – 22.39 miles, 3 hours 28 minutes. 

Only got in about 50 minutes of strength this week.

This week I want to make sure I hit all of my workouts. I also want to make sure I’m only eating meals and not snacking. And I want to eat more fruit instead of treats. I’m going to do some food prep today to make sure I’m prepared for the week! It is going to be a busy one, lots of stuff going on at work.


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