Last week 128 pounds, 27.5% body fat.

This week 127 pounds, 26.5%.

I also took my measurements today and I’m down another 1.75 inches! So my YTD loss totals are 25.2 pounds, 11% body fat, and 14.75 inches. Pretty cool.

I felt like I did okay with Thanksgiving and another big meal we did for ourselves yesterday. I had a big plate of food, sure. Only stuff that I really wanted to eat, and if I didn’t end up liking it I didn’t eat it. I overate a bit. But no one died, I didn’t have to feel like I had failed at anything. I just ate more than usual and moved on with my life. I am still doing all of my workouts and getting in plenty of activity every day, and overall not eating too much.

Here’s my workouts for the week:

Sunday I did 7.06 miles at a 9:25 pace. It felt pretty easy for that day and I finally realized that I had been wearing my shoes for too long. So I’m going to stop wearing them.

Monday I did weights and then 2 miles. I pretty much did all lower body stuff, including deadlifts! Can you tell I like deadlifts?!

Tuesday I did 4 miles in Fort Union again. I ended up climbing a long hill for the first half, turned around and went back down. I wish I had had a camera. The view at the top of 3000 East and Fort Union was amazing! I hit it right at sunset too.

Wednesday I did 3 miles. The weather was super crappy that day when we were doing errands before I was supposed to go out. I almost didn’t go! But I did, and didn’t get rained on or blown around too much. Glad I went. I also did weights, single leg deadlifts, db rows, and back extensions.

Thursday I got up early and did 4 miles. Guess I had my own little turkey trot.

Friday I did another 3 miles and then weights. I got a new weight vest in the mail and I did step ups with it, then shoulder presses and hamstring curls.

Saturday I did my long run of 7 miles instead of on Sunday. It was very cold, but once I got going not too bad. There was snow on the trail and it was lightly snowing the whole time. I was surprised at first to see quite a few other runners out, but I usually go on Sunday not Saturday. Figures there would be more people out.

Run totals – 23.43 miles, 3 hours 45 minutes

Add my strength in there, about 1.5 hours and that is 5 hours 15 minutes working out, about 45 minutes each day, or actually 53 minutes for 6 days of exercise. Totally reasonable and doable!

Here’s to another week of taking care of me 😀

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