Somehow I woke up at 4:20 on Thanksgiving, on a day that I didn’t have to go to work :/ Why?! I got up and started the coffee flowing and relaxed for a while before I went out to run. It was cold!! When I got back it was 27, feels like 22! I just bundled up and got my 4 miles done. I saw a few other walkers and there was more car traffic than I thought there would be. It was a good run. I’m getting a little sappy lately but I realize that I am really lucky to even be able to run. My limbs all relatively work and I am healthy. I am lucky enough to have the means to buy running stuff when I need it and the time to go run. Most runs lately have felt like a gift, and I really try to enjoy it and not take it for granted 🙂

After my run we made some muffins and had a couple and a yogurt for breakfast. Rookie mistake – it was too close to dinner/lunch and I ended up eating too much! Oh well. Spoiler – I still ate what I wanted at dinner.

I’m always on veggie duty, so I made a candied yam casserole with pecan topping, green bean casserole (selfishly for me but others said it was yum!), and sautéed corn and peppers. The meal was delicious and I ate one plate with a tiny bit more bean casserole. I also had 3 small slices of pie, one too many, it set me over the edge LOL Later on I had too much ice cream too. It’s just one day and I’m not stressing or worried about it. It’s done and I’m moving on, and going to eat breakfast as usual today.

Here’s the other turkey we had yesterday.


It’s another cold and windy day here, so my run later should be a blast…

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