A fun run

No, I didn’t go out and run an organized fun run. My workout yesterday was weights, and then 2 miles. Here’s what I did for weights:

Deadlifts with 50#on the bar, 5 sets x 6

Rear fool elevated split squats with 12# dumbbells, 4 x 5

Shoulder presses with 12# dumbbells, 4 x 10

Single leg hamstring curls 10#, 4 x 5-6

Back extensions with 25#, 4 x 10

After that I went outside to run. I was underdressed! (I wore my tights and a long sleeved shirt) The weather said 42, but it felt way colder as the sun was getting ready to go down. Right away I knew I was just going to go fast and get it done. My route has a small uphill right at the beginning, then a longer downhill, so it felt like cheating a bit at the start šŸ˜‰ After the first hill I started intervals, no timing or anything more just counting in my head. I just tried to go pretty fast for 60-100 counts and then recover for 40. The second mile had more fast running than recovery. It was so much fun!! It felt great. I love it when I feel and do great on a hard workout! It makes me want to do more speedwork.

Anyway I went 2.15 in 18:17, for an 8:30 pace. I liked looking at my heart rate info too.

I didn’t even think to get any food photos yesterday, but my eating was pretty boring.

For breakfast I had some of my make ahead oats with pb and honey and a leftover egg cup. I wasn’t hungry in the morning so this was around 11:00.

Lunch was late because breakfast was so late, so I just made a green smoothie and had a homemade protein bar. That was around 2:30.

Dinner was an Aidell’s sausage, steamed green beans with butter, and corn.

Dessert was a glass of milk, a pumpkin marshmallow treat, about 10 mocha m&m’s, and then a frozen yogurt bar because I felt like I still didn’t get enough to eat.



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