Busy kitchen day

I have the weekends off for a short time now, but even with an extra day it still doesn’t seem like enough time! We did get a lot of errands done and I got some stuff done in the kitchen, so that was good. In the morning I made some baked eggs in jars, although mine kinda pissed me off. I guess I had too much in the jars and they just kept poofing up and overflowing in the pan, and took forever to get done. We ate a few for breakfast and I saved 3 to take to work with me. I added some bacon, avocado, and toast with butter and jam for my breakfast.

I also did some make-ahead steel cut oats. You just cook them for a few minutes and then let them sit covered until it is time to use them. Then microwave and add your mix-ins. I’ll likely just use pb and jam. I have breakfast all week covered! I also made some krispie treats with some candy corn marshmallows and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin-O’s. They are really good!

It was pretty cold yesterday morning, in the twenties when I got up. I decided to wait to do my run until it was warmer. Well I had breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, and the coffee just had me wired. I finally got sick of waiting around and headed out at 10:30. It was supposed to be around 35, but it felt warmer than that – I didn’t have to wait as long as I did!! Next time I will just have a small meal when I get up and then go earlier.

I did 7 miles in 1:06! And that was a true easy pace. I wasn’t working hard and just tried to go by feel. When I felt like I was breathing harder I just slowed down a little bit. Trying to control the pace was work, but I need to do it more often. Otherwise all of my runs will be too much of a workout and I’ll probably burn out. Anyway it was a great run and I was happy to see it under 1:10. I’m always happy to see runs under 10:00 pace!

I did lunch when I got back from my run. I had marinated some tofu overnight and I baked it for about 45 minutes. I added it to a bunch of stir-fried veggies and some rice. That and a marshmallow treat kept me full for hours. I didn’t need to eat until we got home way later from shopping. We ended up having popcorn and baked apples with ice cream for dinner 🙂 I also went back for some mocha m&m’s, which I really didn’t need. Oh well.

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