This week I’ve been weighing again almost daily, so I was surprised to see 128 again this week (no loss from last week). I’ve been 127-something every day up until today LOL Oh well. If you average it out, my weight is 127.5?! Anyway. Not stressing it. As I said, I’m pretty sure I’m there at the last 10, maybe 15 pounds. So it could probably take a while. I’m not even sure that I will be able to lose any more weight, though I know there are still some pounds that could go. Like always I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing and see what happens.

Here’s my workouts for the week:

Sunday I ran 7 miles for a 9:20 pace! I can’t believe I did that well on a windy day for a long run. I must just be getting faster. I try not to judge my times, so even though that might not really be that fast, I am improving, and that’s what counts!

Monday was weights and then a 2 mile run. I did deadlifts again! I loaded the bar with 50 pounds and did 5 sets. I think I did okay, didn’t hurt anything, and the wrist felt fine afterward. Gotta try to start pushing it a little bit more, while still being careful. My 2 miles was on the treadmill. It sucked.

Tuesday I was scheduled for 3 miles but added one more. I ran in Fort Union again and screwed up my timing because I thought I turned on my Fitbit, but didn’t really until a mile in. So I had to guess on distance and time. I just ran for 45 minutes, doing probably 4.25 miles. Pace was 9:49.

Wednesday was a quick 3 miles, 9:01 pace! It was difficult though, and I knew I was running too fast. I’m trying for easy but not slow paces and 9:00 is definitely an effort. It was a strength day but I just did some squats, step-ups, glute bridges, and planks afterward.

Thursday was another 4 miles. It was around 50 degrees which felt warm! It has been in the low 40s for most of my workouts lately. 9:21 pace. I did some drills and stretching after my run, and some foam rolling later that evening. I need to do more of that.

Friday I did 3 miles on a different stretch of the parkway. I didn’t want to have any hills whatsoever so I drove south a bit for my run. It was a nice change. I got out late though, so it got cold fast. I was having tummy trouble since I had eaten lunch though, but it didn’t interfere with the run apparently as I did an 8:55 pace. It felt mostly easy though.

Saturday was a rest day!!  I even forgot to wear my Fitbit, boo 😦

Today I’m going for another 7 miles when it warms up. Right now it is 23 with a feels like of 16 – too cold for me!!


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