55 Days

There are 55 days left in this year. When I declared that I would go all this year without drinking any alcohol, I knew I had made up my mind and I was just going to do it. I’m sure some people didn’t think that I could actually do it. But I knew I would. It has been 310 days! It has actually gone by pretty quickly. And I don’t miss so many things about alcohol. Feeling hungover, not getting enough sleep, extra unnecessary calories…the list could go on and on.

I am actually probably going to go even longer without drinking. I’m not going to run right out and drink the first beer I see LOL I may wait until my birthday, or even until we possibly go to Las Vegas again for 7-11. (That is up in the air right now). I may wait even longer? Go for 500? I don’t know.

I’m just saying that I’m counting, but not really counting the days now 😉

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