All right, well not quite under 130, officially, according to my weekly weigh in. But I am 130 today with 27.5% body fat. From last week that is down 1 pound and 1% body fat! Still pretty great, for me, and for how I’ve been losing this year (verrrrry slowly – on purpose). I’m already down 4 pounds when most months I’ve only lost 2! I like knowing that my weight is going to stay off, or at least it has been this year so far, but not going to lie, I like losing a little bit more too. I will take measurements next weekend and see how those are.

Realistically I probably can only lose 10-15 pounds more, and who knows how that will go? It might take me a whole year to just do that. I’m just going to keep on doing what I do. Not exciting, just consistent 🙂

I ran an extra day this week and survived! Granted it was only 2 miles but typically I just can’t do 4 days in a row without feeling hurt. And actually last year I couldn’t even run 3 days in a row, had to split it up with a rest day. I’ve been doing 3 in a row for a while now with no ill effects so I’ll just keep doing that.

Sunday was my long run of 5 miles. I felt pretty good and it felt like an easy pace at 9:38. It was early and dark and it looked like it would rain but I stayed dry. I turned onto the parkway while it was still dark, which was a tiny bit scary but I only saw two people walking and everything was fine 🙂

Monday I did strength and 2 miles of intervals afterward. I did as high as 7.0 mph on the treadmill!! It was hard but it felt awesome!

Tuesday I ran 3.25 miles outside in the afternoon with a 9:08 pace. It felt pretty good and without too much discomfort.

Wednesday was another 3 mile run with a 9:27 pace and then strength. I took M with me on her bike and then she did some jump rope after while I did my weights.

Thursday I ran 3 miles with a 10:05 pace. I seem to remember doing some walk breaks and I was having stomach issues again. I just need to find a lunch combo and time that works for run days and stick with it!

Friday was weights again. I’ve just been doing lower body still since I want my wrist to be fully healed before I get back to upper stuff. I did heavy machine squats, step-ups, split squats, back extensions, and quad curls. It felt like a hard workout but I wasn’t trashed afterward. I haven’t been going super hard on any weights sessions lately because I want to save up energy for my runs!

I’m still eating what I want, of course. But this week has included quite a few salads, leftovers for breakfast, and one trip eating out. We tried Spitz for the first time and it was pretty good! I had their street cart fries. I really liked all of the fresh stuff on top of the fries, it seemed like a really good mix. I tried falafel with it but I wasn’t a fan. It was just way too crispy and the flavor was a little weird. We would go back to try again!

I had ice cream 3 times this week. We had run out of ice cream so I had to buy some more, but I only ate about a pint this week. Last week was way less, but I’m not really tracking ice cream so I don’t care LOL I actually made some paleo sweet potato brownies last night, just to use up a potato that had been saved for a pie. Too lazy to make pie, I ended up with the brownies. They were actually pretty good! Not really like a brownie, more of a pie texture. I’ll probably be having them for breakfasts or adding them to lunches over the week.

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