I think I’m under 130

I’ve been weighing daily for the last couple of weeks and today and yesterday I saw numbers under 130! Yesterday I was 129.8 and today 129.6. I don’t know if it will stick, but I’m pretty excited about it!!

This week, I’m basically making sure that I am pretty hungry for meals, without being too hungry. I’m also eating a lot less than I usually would at dinnertime (less treats). And working out daily, of course.

I still can’t believe I may be under 130! To put it in perspective:

Most of my teenage years when I knew my weight, I was around 130. Before I got pregnant in my late twenties I think I weighed around 110 for a minute. With pregnancy I gained like 70 pounds. I tried losing weight in my baby’s first year and got down to 130 and maybe a little lower. We went on a vacation and I started to gain it all back. A few years later I tried an ultra low carb thing with lots of walking and got down to 135. Even with my juice fast I only got to 135. I haven’t been at this weight in like 10 years! 10 years of self-loathing and yo-yo dieting.

Thank goodness I am not doing that self-loathing anymore! Lifting weights and not drinking have done amazing things for me this year 😀 I feel strong and confident like never before, and I KNOW that I can do whatever I want to.

Next mini-goal is to lose 2 more pounds, so like 128. And if I get there I think my final goal will be 125. If I get to that point, I don’t know how much farther I could lose and feel comfortable with what it takes to maintain but who knows? I’ll just keep doing what I do and see what happens!

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