I thought after my bigger loss last week and my once again relaxed habits *insert eyeroll at myself* that I would be up or flat this week. But I am down another 1.4 pounds and 1% body fat. Wow! That puts me at 131 pounds and 28.5% body fat.

I was kind of stressed out this week. I skipped some meals, and I had some extra treats. Still not eating ice cream every day though! In fact, we only have one pint in the freezer and I don’t like it so I’m not going to eat it. We do have plenty of frozen fruit bars and chocolate though. And I have been eating a lot of the chocolate. M made almond flour brownies one night too, and I’ve had a couple of those.

I skipped a couple of strength workouts too due to poor planning and limited time. I only did one weights workout on Monday 😦

Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles but didn’t check my schedule beforehand so I thought I was still only running 2. I made it up on Wednesday though when I did 4 miles instead of 3. I took M to climbing on Wednesday and didn’t have enough time to do both run and strength so I just did the run. It was quick though! I did it in about 36 minutes!! Thursday I ran 3 miles, a lot slower πŸ˜‰ Friday I just lost all motivation and we went out to eat and shopped a little instead. I took a rest day yesterday and this morning I’m up early so I can get my run done in case I have to go to work.

So even though I’m not doing perfectly, I’m doing enough to still create a deficit and lose a pound and some body fat too! I’m still focusing on and tracking the main habits of eating 3 meals, waiting for hunger, and trying to eat just enough. I got overfull a couple of times this week and it didn’t feel good. And eating too much chocolate also doesn’t feel good. Going back to the snack cupboard multiple times is just something I will have to keep working on.

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  1. I never have a problem with sweet stuff, it’s the salty snacks that call my name – have you ever had Trader Joe’s sesame pretzels? Pure crack, so good and only $.99 a bag! Not that I would know anything about that though πŸ˜›


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