Today I weighed in at 132.4 and 29.5% body fat. That’s down 1.8 pounds and .5% body fat! I think that’s probably more than I lost all last month! I’ve been weighing every day this week, actually, and the scale was lower the last couple of days but went back up this morning. Anyway I’m pretty happy with those numbers! That puts me right around 20 pounds lost for the year and down 8% body fat. Honestly I’m pretty okay with where I am right now but I want to see where I can get in a comfortable, sane way so I’m going to keep trying.

I have been putting more focus on eating just 3 meals and trying to not overdo it at night with treats. I only had ice cream 3 times this week instead of every day! Other days for a dessert I had a few squares of chocolate or a fruit bar. I’m also trying to eat just enough at meals. It really works, obviously.

My workouts this week were kind of messed up due to life. LOL

I did weights on Monday and Wednesday but skipped Friday due to a really long day and not much energy. I skipped my 2 mile run on Tuesday but made it up on Friday, also ran 3 miles Wednesday and 2 more miles Thursday. Oh and my 5 mile run on Sunday. I’ll have the same workout schedule with the same miles for a few more weeks, and then I start marathon training. A year out! I can tell more about that in another post.

I feel like my strength has sucked this week. Just feeling super tired this week, doing too much at work. I don’t know. I’m still doing what I can though. I took a rest day yesterday (besides work) and I even took a 40 minute nap at 4 pm. I hardly ever do that! And I was still tired at 8:30 and went to bed at 9:00.

So, still eating exactly what I want. And really less treats feels even better than overdoing it all of the time! I don’t expect to keep losing more than a pound every week, but I think that with more focus I will do a lot better. And maybe finally kick the ice cream every day habit. It’s not serving me anymore 🙂

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