Sunday eats

Screenshot_2015-10-11-19-51-43-1I spent most of the day today relaxing. It was awesome!! I did get some stuff done. I ran 6 miles this morning at a pretty good pace, 9:30! It wasn’t horrible either. Almost an easy pace for most of it. After that we had breakfast, a broccoli quiche in a gluten free crust. The crust was from frozen and not very tasty at all. I had one piece and then half of another, just scraping the egg out. I also had a small glass of tart cherry juice and some applesauce. Breakfast was at 10:00. I had two coffees with half and half and sugar too this morning.

I had half of the day to myself, so I read some Lean Habits and then took a forty minute nap. After I woke up I made a big pot of soup. White beans, potato, tomato, and power greens. I used up some pizza dough and made cheesy bread. I had a big bowl and two slices of bread, and then some pumpkin spice almonds. That was at 2:00.

Once I wasn’t alone anymore I put together some No-Bake Protein Bars and then got dinner together. We made grilled five spice chicken breasts and bacon fried rice! I can’t believe we have never had bacon fried rice before! It was really good. I also had a smallScreenshot 2015-10-11 20.03.35 bowl of ice cream with cookie butter and some chocolate spread. That was at 7:00.

It was a pretty good day of eating and I don’t think I overdid it with any of my meals. I’m glad that I took it easy, because I was feeling run down this past week. I still got my 15,000 steps in though! I hope I have some more energy this week

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