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I’ve decided to try and track my food with an app formerly known as TwoGrand. It is now called You Food. You can add food, exercise, and other stuff and follow other people who have the same interests, goal weight, current weight, etc. It is pretty cool, check it out! I took a screenshot to share this, so my food is backwards in terms of how I ate it. Oh well.


Today was a good day, I only had to work 4 hours!! I went in late and I left early. I had 2 cups of coffee before I left, while reading blogs and generally wasting time on the internet. I was busy every minute at work, trying to get done early, so I just put off eating.

I planned to go to lunch with the boyfriend but I finally had to have something, so I had a couple of tablespoons of Love Crunch granola. Then we went to Skewered Thai. They have a lunch special, two dishes for $9. I picked Pad Prik King, which was really spicy! And I had Cashew stir fry. I wanted pineapple curry but they didn’t have it 😦 I ate about half the rice and 3/4 of each entree, along with a tiny salad and 2 spring rolls.

I ended up pretty full so I didn’t need anything until dinner. I passed up samples at Costco too. My workout after errands was…surprise! Lower body. I did squats with a new PR of 130 pounds, step-ups, quad curls, split squats, and glute bridges. It was a good workout! I finished with some treadmill walking and then after M got home from school we took her for a 2 mile walk. That put me at 17,000 steps for the day.

Dinner was a salad with leftover chicken and rice, salsa, sour cream, and cotija cheese. It was nice and light but filling too. About 20 minutes later I had some Custardy Apples Squares with some ice cream. I don’t know if I’d make that one again, it was kind of boring. Not very sweet at all either too. I had to sprinkle some cinnamon on mine.

It was a good day of activity and eats, even though I wasn’t as productive as I’d like to have been. I wanted to work on that damn costume again if you can believe it LOL  I finished the day with just over 19,000 steps, pretty good!

Screenshot 2015-10-05 18.49.51

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