The day from hell

Yesterday was such an awful day!! It started out good, I got to sleep in, didn’t have to go to work, and got my run in after a cup of coffee. I missed getting rained on and did about 5.25 miles at a 9:07 pace!! I was feeling great and ready to tackle a bunch of stuff. So we started in on M’s costume. She wants a cloak to be Raven from Teen Titans. I thought I could probably wing it, but we bought a pattern and decided to try it. It was a bad pattern 😦 Way too big even though we picked the right size based on her measurements. So there was lots of adjusting and wasting of fabric. Grrr. In the end it took us over 6 hours and we still didn’t get it finished! The brand new machine stopped working. I was so pissed, and we were trying to get out to dinner and it was late. We just got disgusted and left LOL Come to find out this morning that the needle was bent. I still have a lot of unpicking of stitches to do and I will probably use the leftover fabric to just wing it, like I had originally intended!! So frustrating though! We worked all day and it wasn’t very satisfying AT ALL.

Anyway. Eating was pretty good, a weird and non-typical day. If I am just tracking the first habit (eat 3-4 meals) then I did good. Here’s what I ate:

  • 11:30 – cheesy scrambled eggs, 3 slices bacon, 4 small whole wheat pancakes with syrup and butter
  • 1:30 – 2 slices of fresh bread with honey and butter
  • 7:15 – smashburger. I had a grilled chicken sandwich that had a tiny piece of chicken. I’m not sure it was even 3 ounces?! I cut the bun in half and used all of the chicken and toppings in half of the bread. I ate most of a regular fry with some ranch on the side. I left room for ice cream, and at home I had a small ramekin of plum and vanilla ice cream. And two pumpkin spice almonds.

The good. I only had 3 meals, and I was hungry for each one.

Room for improvement. I probably ate a little too much at breakfast. I figured I probably wouldn’t eat again until dinner so I had more than I needed, by a slice of bacon and a pancake. I wasn’t hungry for long before I ate the bread. It was done, smelled great, I felt a little hunger and so I ate it. Dinners are where I can improve the most. One treat, sure. But keep going back to the cupboard for more bites is not ideal. I’d like to pre-decide one treat and just have that, and then move on. And I’m not kidding myself. If I cut out daily treats like bowls of ice cream I know that would contribute quite a bit to a weekly deficit!

Going to try again today and see how it goes 🙂

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