Monday eats

I worked by myself today, so I didn’t have a lot of time to sit and eat. We also had a new donut of the month today so I had that for breakfast instead of what I had planned. So in addition to 2 coffees, I had an apple spice donut for breakfast at around 8:00. I didn’t eat again until about 11:30, when I had a bowl of butternut squash soup, some watermelon, and a piece of banana bread. That took me about an hour and a half to eat! After work I came home to to my weights. M did weights with me while we watched Dr. Who!

My workout

  • machine squats – 2 warm up sets and 5 working sets, 120# x 5
  • quad curls – 1 warm up set and 4 sets of 35# x 8
  • step ups – 5 sets x 20
  • back extensions – 5 sets, 10# x 15

120 pounds is the highest I’ve squatted on the machine! I was surprised that I was able to do 5 reps for each set with that weight. Next time I’ll add another 10 pounds and see what I can do. This was a really good overall workout. Not too much, but I felt like I really did some good.

Dinner afterward was some fish sticks with pickle sauce, leftover zucchini/carrot tots, and a salad with oil and vinegar. Dessert was about 1/3 of a small cheesecake with some cherry sauce. It was super yummy. I also had 3 squares of chocolate while waiting for dessert 😆

So not doing so hot with less treats so far, but I’m still wanting to try. Thinking about it is the first step?…

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