Thursday’s eats

I got up at the normal time this morning but went into work later so I could run before work. There was just 2 miles on the schedule, and I ended up doing 2.19 in 20:11. Not bad.

Breakfast was at 7:45, I had oats cooked in milk and water with cashew butter and honey. It was pretty good! It didn’t keep me full that long, but I did end up waiting until about 1:00 to eat. I had the last piece of leftover buffalo chicken pizza and an apple. That wasn’t really enough to keep me going for too long, so I had some chips and salsa after work at 3:30 and an Izzi. I also had two squares of chocolate.

Dinner was at 6:30. I had pan fried brussels, onions, and peppers, and a fish burger in 1/2 a pita with ‘pickle sauce’ (mayo, lemon juice, minced pickles, SPG, and dill). I also had a half a pint of ice cream. It was good 😆

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