I thought for sure I would be gaining some weight this week. I haven’t been working out, and I’ve been eating way too much ice cream at night. But I weighed in today at 134.6 and 30% body fat. It could still very well catch up with me in the coming week though I guess! So I’m going to tone it down. The weight is a new low again for the year, and I just have a feeling that I’m going to break through the 30s barrier in body fat and finally get into the 20s in the near future!

I only did 2 workouts this week. The one that landed me at Instacare, a 2 mile run and a little strength, and a long walk on Thursday after work. Some days have sure felt like a workout though. I probably overdid it yesterday putting groceries away and ordering the store, plus I wasn’t wearing my sling. But I needed to do it, for my sanity!

Things are getting manageable. I’ve figured out how to do a lot of things, most importantly shower on my own 😀 There is still a lot that I just cannot do. It is making my life at work really hard.

I am going to get back to doing strength though for sure this week. I can still do lower body and some core stuff, so that is what I’ll do. And I am going to really try and do better with treats. I have still been mostly sticking to 3-4 meals, mostly 3. Actually I think that is the only habit I’ve been consistent enough with, well and waiting for hunger (I get hungry for all of my meals).it’s pretty amazing to me how simple that makes the whole weight loss/maintenance thing – just being hungry and eating just at (less) mealtimes!! So I am grateful for learning how to do that again, after years of disordered diets and thinking. Even though I don’t do it 100% it still works!!

Anyway, more workouts this week, and less ice cream. I got this!

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