I am back down to 135.2, a new low so far this year. Body fat% is still at 31. I’m not anxious about anything, it just is what it is. I love that I have come this far in my thinking for me to be trying to lose weight, only losing sometimes 1 pound a month, and for it to just be OKAY. I don’t know what’s happened with me but seriously, I feel like I have made a major breakthrough! I think it helps that I am focusing on getting strong. I feel powerful instead of helpless or like a failure. And seeing myself the same every day while continuing to work out and just doing the same thing day in and out has helped me to somehow accept myself. It’s like one of those articles about how you just stop caring about certain things the older you get – it is coming true for me. And about time LOL.

Anyway. I could try harder with eating. And I will probably try to tighten things up. Yesterday I at least had 3 meals, and then called my treat a 4th. I ate throughout the day instead of saving it all up for when I get off work. That strategy doesn’t work. I will do the same today, I’m going to pack a breakfast and lunch here in a minute and make sure they get eaten today. I’m also working on phasing out the processed foods we have and moving more towards just whole foods. I really don’t need all of the cookies and crackers and whatever else. I have fun browsing the aisles and buying things at the grocery store, but a lot of it just ends up getting wasted. So time to stop buying it!

Tomorrow I will re-test the markers in TTBA, and then I am going to figure out what I need to do to so I can start focusing on running more. I need to start building a good base for marathon training next year. So no more excuses. I feel like I have almost just given up on it over the past few weeks. I want to make time for it and just get it done. It helps that the weather will hopefully start to cool down soon.

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