Another weigh-in and workouts

Sunday morning so I weighed in again. I am up .4 pounds to 137, but the body fat% stayed at 30.5. It would have been nice to see another loss, but I am still down from the beginning of this month.

My workouts this week:


I was going to do a long run of an hour or so, but an employee at work got stranded so I ended up having to go open the store with only 20 minutes! That is my record time. We schedule an hour to get the store open. Anyway, I did about 40 minutes, probably 3.5 miles or so. It was frustrating because I kept getting interrupted on the phone.


Strength. Not much to say about it LOL


Strength again.


Ran about 3 3/4 for a 9:54 pace. Not great, but I remember feeling pretty worn out, so I’ll take it. They can’t all be amazing.


More strength. I’m kind of stuck on weights, I haven’t been able to increase really on anything. So I’m just on repeat. Oh well.


Strength, I have only 10 more workouts left in the Train to Be Awesome program!


Fitbit says I ran 5.11 for a 9:33 pace. Daily Mile said 5.26. I don’t really care LOL It was muggy, I felt like someone might be following me (or they were doing a paper route?), ran by a car accident, and then through construction. And then I went to work. It was a looooong day.

I think I will try and make more of an effort with my food this week. I have been a little lax on eating produce so I will work on that. I tracked 14 days in a row of 3-4 meals! So I’m going to start over and add being hungry for my first meal.

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