Not losing muscle and my week in workouts

I weighed in again this morning. I’m up .2 pounds to 137.6, but my body fat% is down .5 to 31%. I’ll take the lower body fat% any day!

Now, I know that the body fat readings on scales are not completely accurate. But I do think it is good for showing trends. I was looking at when I started this year, at 152.2 pounds and 37.5% body fat. I still can’t even believe that it was that high. Anyway, I’m down almost 15 pounds and 6.5% body fat. My lean body mass has almost stayed the same. That would mean I am not losing any muscle! I say that is a good thing 🙂

So that talk the other day about overthinking and wanting to change stuff, well maybe I should just stick to what I have been doing because it is obviously working. And it is EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

I still do want to stop eating so much ice cream LOL I am eating more than a serving every night. Sometimes I realize I’m not enjoying it as much as I used to, but there are times like last night when I just can’t get enough really. I’m not feeling uncomfortable after I eat dinner and ice cream, like overfull or anything. So I guess there’s that. I don’t know, I am at least going to stop buying it from the store, and just make some when I want some. So maybe that will curb the habit a bit. We’ll see what happens this week. My workouts left me feeling worked over this week for sure. Here’s what I did:


Went for a 6 mile run. My average pace was 9:19!! I’m using my new Fitbit Surge and I really can’t say how accurate it is, but whatever. That pace is possible for me. I am loving being able to get out on the parkway instead of the streets, so I go mostly on the dirt trails. That’s more fun anyway.


TTBA Workout 1. My workouts take me around an hour with a warmup. This one has trap bar deadlifts and we didn’t have a trap bar before so we bought one for this. The bar alone weighs 75 pounds!!! I managed to add 50 more and do my deadlifts. It was tough. There are also some single leg deadlifts that I hadn’t done in a long time. This one left me feeling very sore.


TTBA Workout 2. I tried ring pushups and was successful! I wasn’t able to go down very far, but in the past I haven’t been able to do them at all.


Early morning run! I did 3 miles with a warmup and then a little stretching. I never have enough time to stretch with these early runs.


TTBA Workout 3. The rear foot elevated split squats did me in! They always do.


TTBA Workout 4. I tried mixed grip chin ups for the first time and they are HARD. Up until now I have been doing a neutral grip every time. I am using two different assistance bands and for these I had to use the thicker one for more assistance. Again, hard!

Saturday was a rest day! I am going to get out for another quick run this morning, probably just 3-4 miles.

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