New Fitbit!

I won a $75 gift card from Best Buy in a contest at work the other day! Since I don’t ever really shop at Best Buy, I figured I would splurge and get the new Fitbit Surge. The last thing I bought at Best Buy was probably my last Fitbit :lol

I took it out this morning for a test run. I think it worked pretty well. It seems to be accurate as far as I can tell. I will have to wear my One and Surge together for a few days and see how they match up. I didn’t take the One this morning, should have! Anyway I did 3 miles after pretty much an entire month off from any exercise. I got sick and it totally zapped me. I don’t know what it was, but it was horrible. With that and working too much, I just had no energy. I am finally getting back into the swing of things, yay!

Screenshot 2015-06-04 06.56.45

From my Fitbit dashboard

Also, speaking of running, I never did do my 15k ‘race’. I got sick right before I was supposed to do it 😦 Oh well. I don’t know if I will try again or not, doesn’t really matter in the end. I just want to get back to regular workouts. I did weights once this week and today’s run. I will try for weights again tomorrow and then go from there. My work schedule will be changing next week too, so it will be interesting trying to figure out after work running in summer weather. Have never done that so it might be tricky.

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