2015 Food Budget

I’ve decided I want to do better with the food spending again, so I’m going to do the budget thing again. Just for ease of operations I will be updating on Saturdays, when mostly people aren’t reading blogs anyway…

For now I’m just doing these first 3 days of the month.  So we’ve spent $77.24 on:


  • Savoy cabbage $2.98
  • Swiss chard $2.00
  • Cucumber $1.18
  • Grapefruit $1.17
  • Mushrooms $1.48
  • Yellow onions $1.67
  • Green bell peppers $1.16
  • Russet potatoes $1.49
  • Turnips $1.86
  • Yams $4.07


  • Cream cheese (3 packages) $5.00
  • 2 large chicken breasts $11.51
  • 1 1/2 dozen eggs $3.39
  • Applegate ham lunchmeat $5.29
  • Applegate turkey lunchmeat $5.29
  • Applegate pepperoni $4.79
  • Pistachios $15.59
  • Ciabatta rolls $2.60
  • Guacamole $4.72

I haven’t done any meal planning but I should have! I will before we go to the store next time for the weekly shopping. I’m also going to try harder to stick to sales fliers when I can. We still have lots of food downstairs in our food storage, and CSA meat in the freezer too. We tried for under $150 per week last time I kept track and we averaged $144 per week, so I guess I’d like to get closer to $125 per week if we could!  We’ll see.


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