November Goals Update

It’s December already!  The time has seriously just flown by this year!  I didn’t do fantastically amazing with my goals, but I tried and I did do well with some things.  Here we go:

  • Exercise – this one I did great with!  I have stuck to my plan of 3 days weights and 3 days running, and last week I even added 1 more day of running on top of weights.  I think I maybe only missed one day of working out!  Go me 😀
  • Meal planning – We have done this every week.  Whether or not we stick to it 100% is another story.  But it has helped in cutting down unnecessary purchases and in using up stuff we already have.
  • Not eat out – We didn’t at all!  The only place we went was TCBY and I don’t think that really counts 😉  But I’m also kind of over TCBY now so that’s good.
  • Lose 5 pounds – Not quite, but close!  As of this morning I’m down 4.4 pounds from November 1st.  I’m losing inches too, I’m down 2.25 inches since October 6.  My body fat (according to my scale) has also gone down 2.5% this month.
  • Crafting – I did work on the shawl I’m knitting but still not done!  I ran out of yarn, so I got more this past week and I’m going to get back at it again.  I did now sew at all.
  • Money – I am actually getting behind a little and decided to skip my car payment this month and I didn’t put any money into my HSA.  I’m just not going to worry about it until later this month and see how things are.  If anything, I will just get back at it in January.  Not really a huge deal right now, so I’m not sweating it.
  • Boozing – I also did not drink any alcohol in the month of November.  Well, last night I had half a glass of beer that didn’t fit into a bottle.  I made a small batch of beer for a friend a couple of weeks ago and it was time to bottle it yesterday.  I’m not even counting that since it was such a small amount.  And it wasn’t really ‘boozing’ at all!

I have also been working on the habit of doing Duolingo every day.  I want to learn Spanish but never do anything about it.  So this is at least a step.  Instead of surfing the web in the evening I have been turning on my app.  I’m learning a lot!  Retention is another story 😆

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