Goofing off and a purge

Well I’ve just been goofing off and not taking things seriously, and next thing you know I have skipped a week and a half’s worth of workouts. Not good 😦 Oh well, just going to get back on track and get at it again. I’m planning on for sure doing my workout tomorrow.

This next part is going to sound pretty ramble-y, just a warning :lol I know I need to end my obsession with weight. To just make health and being fit and being happy my focus. So I know for sure I’m not going to weigh anymore. I haven’t weighed in probably over a month and I pretty much don’t care what that number is. No more measurements either. Now, in the past week and a half I’ve probably gained 5 pounds, and I know there is a huge difference in how I feel. I don’t like how I feel, so I’m putting more focus on getting more whole foods in me and getting more activity. More walks just for the air and sunshine and family time.

I also realize I will never count calories or track my food in any way. It just makes me feel annoyed, and even if I just write it down I start to judge myself! It just doesn’t make sense anymore so I’m putting those behaviors to rest permanently.

One other thing I did today was a feed reader purge. It will be in process for a few weeks as more and more pop up that I need to delete. But I’m just getting rid of it all – mostly ‘healthy living blogs’. They either annoy me, or aren’t a real representation, or make me feel bad about myself through comparison. So I’m done. I’m keeping a few that do interest me but I will be clearing out the bulk of them. That one felt really good! And besides, we’ve been putting limits on our screen time so I don’t want to waste the time reading crap I really don’t enjoy, I was just doing it out of habit anyway.

I guess that’s it for my rambling today 🙂

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