Change of course

Well internets, I have once again changed my mind. I am deciding to just go for the marathon again. I hope I am not crazy and end up getting injured again! I am going to try a different approach though. I am doing my own version of the Jeff Galloway beginner plan, just adding a few more miles to it. The plan is 30 weeks to marathon instead of 18 like I did before, and the biggest difference is the longer runs are spaced farther out. So you will run a big long run, but the next week and sometimes two are back down to more manageable mileage. I hope that with a little more recovery time in between the long runs that I won’t get injured.

Something else I’m going to do to avoid injury is still focus on the strength. I’m going to keep doing The Standard Warmup before runs, and I’m going to do quick bodyweight routines after most all of my runs. I’m also doing basic weights twice a week after easy runs. And I’m going to regularly foam roll and really make an effort to stretch after workouts.

I really want to do this, and not get hurt. I hope that with the run/walk formula for the longer runs and the added strength that I will not get hurt and be able to finish in a reasonable time too! The strength really helped me with my last half. I trained pretty hard for me, and felt totally fine afterward. Great, even! One thing I just did every time I ran was The Standard Warmup, and a lot of the time I did planks after my runs. So I hope that it will work out this time. If not, I may just have to accept that the marathon is not in the cards for me. We’ll see. Oh yes, and the race I’m planning on doing is the Salt Lake Marathon!

And with that, I slept horribly last night so I didn’t even get the first run in today 😆 If I have time later this evening I will go do it though!

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