NROL4W Stage 1 complete!

So I did the last workout of Stage 1 today of New Rules of Lifting for Women!  My body was feeling a little overworked and maybe I should have waited another day, but I knew I would not be getting a workout in tomorrow so I just did it anyway.  I find this workout to be much harder than the previous, so I don’t feel like I did as well.  So again, these are the weights I started with, and I did as many reps as possible with what I feel like is good form.

Deadlifts 50# x 21

Shoulder press with dumbbells 12# x 23

Pulldown 70# x 28

Lunge (I’m doing reverse) 8# x 30

Ball crunch 40

Like I said, I was feeling overworked, I do my workouts pretty much fasted except for a latte, and today’s workout wasn’t great.  BUT I am so glad to finally be done with stage 1!!  I will probably have to do some modifications in the next stage, and I’ve never done some of the exercises so I’m sure I will be starting small.  Better to start small than not at all 🙂

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