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Internets, things are going really well for me right now.  It has been almost 11 weeks since I haven’t had any alcohol and I am feeling awesome about that 😀  I have just under 4 weeks to go for my 100 days and I’m confident I won’t start to blow things like I have in the past when I am done.  We are going camping with friends that weekend and I will indulge, but I know in my heart that I do not want to go down the same path I have so many times before.  Too much booze on the regular makes me depressed, gain weight, feel crappy, look old(er), be crabby – I could keep going.  The list of cons far outweighs the pros anymore.  Like I said, I feel confident that just in case I overdo it on the trip, I won’t let it continue and start to negatively affect my life.  I am enjoying feeling great and working out too much to let that happen!

I am enjoying working out!  And my ‘routine’ has changed a lot since I started my 100 days.  I’m mainly lifting weights, heavy weights for me.  It feels awesome.  I’m working my body hard, and letting it recover, and starting to see some improvements. The thought of running doesn’t excite me right now.  It’s pretty fun trying to lift more and do it right.  So I’m sticking with it for now.  I get plenty of activity at work, I’m not really worried about adding even more cardio to it.  Maybe I will want to in the future, and that’s fine too!

I quit weighing myself daily.  I’m not counting calories, and not even tracking on Twogrand much anymore.  I just don’t care I guess?  I’m eating to hunger and probably pretty close to maintaining because I’m seeing very slow changes in scale weight. I’ve finally realized that that is exactly how it should be.  I don’t want to be skinny and frail, I want to be strong and “take up space”.  I know I’ve said stuff like this before, so I can’t say I won’t change my mind, but I hope that I don’t.  I really believe that I am on the right track right now and I want to stay on it!

Not much else to say right now.  Just wanted to share 🙂

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  1. Maury Hill

     /  July 11, 2014

    And thank you for sharing; you should more often. I had many friends who drink, I just never did with them. I’m a rock.


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