May goals update

Things have been busy, between work, working out, school, getting ready to not have M in school…you know.  Normal stuff.  I guess since May is almost over I’ll just go ahead and update on my goals I set earlier this month.

Start exercising again – I have been doing well with this one!  I had my scheduled workouts, but I haven’t stuck to them to perfectly.  I’ve had to work a few doubles and that really messes with my routine.  Plus it’s hard to get up at 5:00 am if you worked until 11:30 pm :/  I’m also thinking I will revamp my ‘schedule’, or how I want to work out.  I’m not really feeling the running right now, well I am, but I guess I don’t want to HAVE to do it.  And I think I need more strength days right now.  I have been working out at least 5 days a week, sometimes a quick run before weights too.  And toward the end of last week I was starting to feel really burned out.  So I took a few days off.  I think I feel a bit better today, but I’m taking it as a sign that I was just doing too much.  When work gets me well over 10,000 steps alone, I think I’m getting plenty of activity and I probably should just CTFO (chill the fuck out!).  So I’m going to lean toward a different approach, focus on the 3 strength days and otherwise just do what I feel like doing.  I’m not planning on any marathon or other races this year so there is really no need to push the running right now.  I’d rather just do what I want and really enjoy it.  Like hiking 🙂  Anyway, this one is done!  I’m exercising again!

Do some meal prep on the weekends – I’ve been hit or miss on this one.  That’s not to say that I still haven’t been prepared!  I am still taking food to work almost every day, and there have at least been pre-made salads in the fridge.  I just haven’t been doing it on the weekends, more just when I know I need it for that day or the next one.  I could still do better.  But we aren’t eating out as much as before so this is still a win.

Grocery shop on the regular – As I said up there, we are eating out less, so I guess I am doing this.  It’s all kind of a blur and there aren’t set days for shopping, I just go when it needs to be done.  And I load up on veggies so we will be set for the week.  When we start to run out, I do it again!  As long as we aren’t eating out like 3 times a week, I think we are doing a lot better.

Start keeping my meals in check – I have been posting pics on Twogrand almost daily.  I’m not making too much progress, down maybe a pound and a couple of inches – I know it IS progress, but I want to do better.  So I’m going to start counting calories after the fact.  Probably 😆  I have done it the last two days and I think as long as I still to a reasonable amount for my activity level, I should be fine and not experience any craziness in my head 🙂  Last time I shot for a daily goal it was around 2000 per day.  Enough to feel satisfied and not freak out because I can’t have treats!  So I guess I will make a goal to track calories most of the time for the next month and see if that helps my goals.

I also have 30 days under my belt with no alcohol!  It hasn’t been hard, really, just different.  Sometimes I think it will suck being summer and missing out on enjoying myself, but then I get over it.  I don’t need it to enjoy things.  I’m also saving money.  And I feel a ton better than I did a month ago.  I wouldn’t have even had any energy to work out, and getting through the day was becoming a chore.  So I’m glad I quit.  And hopefully my body will start realizing I am trying to do good things for it again and let go of a little weight!


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