Getting going on goals

An update on my goals for May so far.

I have definitely been doing the exercise!  This week I:

  • did a run/walk on Monday
  • run/walk again on Tuesday
  • weights on Wednesday
  • run on Thursday – I did 30 minutes straight with no walking!  granted, the pace was pretty slow, but still!

This morning I’m up way too early, woke up at 4:00 and couldn’t sleep.  I have been going to bed around 9:00 though so I still got 7 hours sleep.  I’m having a little coffee and then I’m going to get out for another run, and then do some weights.  I’m scheduled to do the weights tomorrow but I don’t think I will have time.  I forgot I have to get up at 5:00 anyway to make it to work on time!

I’m going to try the New Rules of Lifting for Women program.  I’ve had the book for a long time and started the program once or twice before but never followed through.  It may take me a while since I am only doing 2 workouts per week, but it seems as good as any other program so I’m giving it a shot.  The first workout made me SO sore!  DOMS set in just before bed and it was so bad it woke me up during the night LOL  I hadn’t done any kind of strength workout in months, so I knew it was coming.

I also did good with grocery shopping and meal prep this week, but I could have done better.  I made a few salads for lunches, which is pretty much all I did besides making sure there was food in the fridge to be made into dinners.  But that is a lot more than what I was doing before.  And the salads were awesome.  I meant to make hard boiled eggs but I never got around to it.  I’ll try to do better this weekend and get some more stuff made!  We only went out to eat twice though.  Wednesdays I don’t have to take carpool kids to school so M and I have been going out for breakfast before school.  So we did that, and then last night pizza was on the menu and we went out again to The Pie.  Twice is a big improvement over the past weeks.

I have also discovered a new app for food tracking that looks pretty promising!  I just found it last night so I haven’t played around with it yet, but it looks to be just what I was wanting.  It’s called twogrand.  You can take and add pictures of meals and add workouts too, and follow others and see their meals and workouts too.  I am pretty much only following ETF people right now, not really interested in seeing any disordered eating.  I’m going to play with it today and see how I like it.  Related to food tracking, I had been having ice cream and other treats every day for the past few weeks, but I finally had it in me to go one day without a nightly treat.  The only treats I had yesterday were a girl scout cookie and a piece of chocolate.  I was going to go back for one more piece of chocolate but decided against it.  I was still pretty full from dinner and I didn’t really need it anyway.  I need to do more of that, really listening to my body and giving it what it needs, or staying away from what it doesn’t.

Ok, I have a full day today so I better get going!

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