Making some goals

It’s been a while huh?  Four months since I last posted.  Life has just been busy.  But here I am.  I haven’t been doing the things that I want to do for a long time now, so I thought I’d make some monthly goals again to help nudge me in the right direction.  I’ll get straight to the point.

  • Start exercising again.  I haven’t done any kind of consistent exercise in months.  I’m feeling very out of shape and really wanting to get back into it.  I am back to working full time in a pretty active job, but I still want to get back into running.  I am dreaming of summer morning trail runs.  But it will take me a while to get back there, I know.  So I’m going to just aim for run/walks and a couple of strength training workouts each week.
  • Do some meal prep on the weekends.  My schedule is weird for me still, even though I’ve been working 9-5 most days since March.  I’m still getting used to it.  I get home and it’s just enough time to get dinner and relax for an hour and then it seems like it is bedtime.  Working at 7-11 doesn’t give me too many great choices for food, so I need to bring it from home.  I need to figure out easy things that I can do in the morning to make sure I eat great every day.
  • Grocery shop on the regular.  This goes along with the food planning.  We’ve been eating out way too much because it is easy, we are tired, it sounds more fun than making dinner, the list goes on…I know if we have plenty of good food in the fridge, I will do better and we will all eat better.  So even though it might be tough after work or annoying on my days off, I have to get back to regular grocery shopping for good food.
  • Start keeping my meals in check, somehow.  I’ve thought about calorie counting again and I might.  I’ve thought about just taking a quick pick of meals and posting on Instagram (I’ve only signed up there, not actually used it so this might be a good idea lol).  I get pretty busy during the day and it is easy to go without eating, but I know that isn’t really good for me.  Anyway.  Still working on what I’m going to do here but I’ll figure it out.

These will help me to get back to a more healthy lifestyle, I’m sure.  Here are some other random things.

I’m working full time because K bought a second 7-11!  It has been a busy, tough, and crazy time since March.  Hopefully it will all be worth it in a year or two and he will have loans paid off and such, and we will be in a more secure financial place.  It is a big gamble but it seems to be paying off so far.  Only time will tell.

School is almost out, only about a month to go!  Working more will make summer tricky, but we’ll figure it out.

I’ve decided to do another 100 day challenge, this time it is no alcohol.  I’m on day 4 and feeling really good about it.  It has been time for a break for a while now.  I’m ready to start feeling a lot better without it.  I’m sure it will help me to get more motivated to exercise regularly again.

Obsessed with The Walking Dead right now.  I finished all 3 seasons on Netflix in  about a week?  LOL  I’m waiting for K to catch up and then we’ll figure out how to watch the rest together.

I think that’s about all I can come up with right now.  I’m going to check in weekly with my goals and hopefully by the end of the month they’ll be habits 😀

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