Yesterday was good.  I got up early and got my walk in, about 40 minutes for 100 calories and maybe 3/4 mile, I forgot to check.  I didn’t have any other food prep to do so I decided to make a nice breakfast.  Here’s what I ended up with.


Poached eggs over sauteed peppers, onions, and kale, 1/2 an orange, toast with butter and tomato jam, and a glass of raw milk.  It was yummy!  The eggs went a little too far, I cooked them for 5 minutes, maybe next time I will go for 4.  Breakfast was at 7:30, and this kept me going until 12:30!  Lunch was a big old salad with the regular suspects and kale, kidney beans, my own pickled beets, and caesar parmesan dressing.

My afternoon workout was going to be running, and I probably could have but it was an orange air day so I opted for the elliptical.  I started out on level 1 for 4 minutes and then upped it by one level every 4 minutes, until I got to level 9.  I stayed at level 9 for 5 minutes and then worked my way back down in the same way.  It was SO hard!  Too hard I think.  I was exhausted after that.  I burned 400 calories and it took me 70 minutes.  I would so rather run!!

Dinner was a favorite around here, Alton Brown’s chicken with garlic and shallots, with some changes.  We usually only do chicken leg quarters, and use onions instead of shallots.  Still tastes amazing.  Every time.  To go with it I cooked a little squash whole in the oven, and steamed some beans.  I also baked the chicken wings from the whole chickens in the oven for about a half hour.  They were awesome too.  I also ended up having 2 glasses of wine and a square of chocolate.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Calories were kind of high yesterday, but I was just estimating portions too.  I was probably generous and so I don’t think I really ate that much.  It is all just a guess anyway!  (A link to my food journal if you are interested)  I had 2107 calories, and my Fitbit said I burned 2576 with 24,554 steps.  That’s a lot of steps!

Now for the waffle.  When I was doing the elliptical yesterday, all I could think was ‘this is not sustainable’!  I don’t think I could do that more than even once a week 😆  I guess I knew this  new ‘plan’ would be too much when I started, yes only 3 short days ago 😆  I don’t think I could really lose 2 pounds every week anyway.  In my history, the most I’ve consistently lost every week was 1.6.  So I guess I’m waffling on trying to follow through with this 1000 calorie deficit every day.  I think deep down I know that I’m probably setting myself up for another yo-yo cycle and I really don’t want to do that again.  So I’m just going to do the best I can.  So, scratch what I said before!

It is clear that with the air quality being such an issue here in Salt Lake City, that I will not be able to run like I want to this winter.  And I am not going to get a gym membership so that I can go run – it would just take too much time out of my day.  I was going to only do 2 days a week of strength, but I am going to do 3 instead, starting next week.  I will still keep trying to get up early and get a walk in on the treadmill, and I will do whatever cardio I can.  I’ll still count calories and try to keep around 1700, but if I occasionally go over like yesterday then it is no big deal.  I mostly want to keep track of all of the numbers to try and figure out my real TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), so I can figure out what kind of deficit I am really making.

So there it is.  I guess long term is where its at, and going balls to the wall for two months is probably just going to get me burned out and want to stop, like I have done in the past.  DUH.  I have to figure out something I can do for life, otherwise I’ll just keep repeating the yo-yo cycle and that is the LAST thing I want!  Ultimately I hope to get to a place where I am at a happy weight, I look good, and I listen to my body in regards to exercise and food.  I guess I really don’t care how long it takes.  So I’m listening to my body today and taking the day off after working so hard yesterday!  Plus we have stuff going on this afternoon and I won’t be able to work out, probably.  We’ll see 😉

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