Budget Week 46

We did good this week!  We went over budget, but that is because we bought another meat CSA share which was $164.80.  So on groceries at the store, we only spent $96.30!  Budget is $125.

Here’s what we bought:


  • Hot peppers $6.99
  • Red onion $.69
  • Zucchini $.99


  • Butter $8.00 – On sale, stocking up!
  • Heavy cream $7.98 – going to make ice cream again 🙂


  • Pork CSA share $164.80
  • Ham $3.40
  • Pastrami $3.99
  • Pork sausage $11.03
  • Wild boar salami $14.29
  • Turkey $5.98


  • Salt $4.99 – I got this fancy truffle salt I wanted to try
  • Refried beans $3.00
  • Chocolate bars $12.00 – We were low, only had two bars in the cupboard!
  • Pasta $3.99
  • Wheat bread $1.39
  • Tortilla chips $2.00
  • Tortillas $5.49

We didn’t use up much produce this week, so we didn’t need to buy much.  Apparently we are all about the meat this week 😆  Going to make a list today and do a little shopping to get us all set for the coming week.  Only 6 more weeks left!!

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