The Other Half 2013

I ran this race on the 20th and it was awesome!  This was my second time doing it, and my first time doing a race by myself!  I hit a PR too 😀  I wasn’t planning for anything but to finish it without any walking at all, but when I started out I decided I just wanted to go for it and try for a good time.  The first half felt pretty easy, whenever I was going downhill I tried to be at least under 10:00.  I must have been doing pretty good because my time at 6 miles was 54 minutes!  When it got to around mile 8 it starts to get harder, there are some big hills that you can see a long way out, so a lot of it was kind of gearing up to get up the hills.  I just didn’t stop and tried to push it on the hills and using the downhill to regain my breathing while still going faster than my normal pace.  Basically my whole strategy was just to not stop at all and just push it 😆   That’s what I did!  The last few miles I was just trying to pass as many people as I could.  I did line up around the 2:30 pacer, so there was a lot of room to pass for me finishing in 2:04:12.  My best half marathon race time before this was 2:19:41!!  There weren’t very many runners this year, just over 1100, and I finished 375th overall, 38th in my class, and 180th in my gender overall.

I think that the Boot Camp classes have really done something for my conditioning?!  Who knows.  I am just still amazed and so happy about how I did 😀  It is a beautiful and fun race, and you get beer afterward, that is always a plus!

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