Food Budget Week 41 and 1000 posts!

I wish I was doing something more exciting for my 1000th post.  I’m amazed that I have done that many!!  If anyone was actually reading my blog I might have done a contest or something 😆  Maybe for my next big milestone.

I really, really tried to not buy much of anything this week, and it worked!  We only spent $49.54 this week at the grocery store.  But, I did end up spending more than planned at the pumpkin patch when I went with my friend.  I spent $45 there!  So in total we spent $94.54 this week, which is still good.

Here’s what we bought at the store:

  • Celery $1.67
  • Cucumber $1.58
  • Parsley and cilantro $1.50
  • Lemons $1.78
  • Lettuce $2.98
  • Heavy cream $4.99
  • Raw milk! $7.19
  • Ricotta $5.98
  • Sour cream $3.00 – this was a mistake – didn’t need it!
  • Sugar $11.49
  • Salad dressing $7.38

I got so many pumpkins and squashes too, and a bonus big box of free apples from my friend’s mom’s trees!  Some of the pumpkins were decorative too, maybe $10 worth so that could be taken off the budget.  Anyway, we did really good this week!  The goal is the same for this week, but we’ve already gone shopping twice.  We might be able to make it without getting much else, except I need to go shopping tomorrow for dinner with my family.  I still want to keep the spending down as much as possible.

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