Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

Weigh-in time!

Last week 147, 33.5% body fat

This week 146, 33.5% body fat

Lost a pound!  I’m feeling particularly proud of this week for a few reasons.  1) I did not weigh since last Wednesday!  It was mostly easy, since we were gone camping from Thursday to Sunday, but I was very tempted to hop right back on on Monday.  But I didn’t.  See self?  You can say you will or won’t do things and follow through!  😆  2) I was camping for 3 1/2 days.  I wasn’t counting any calories or doing too much of anything besides walking to the lake and fishing.  Well I did run a bit on Saturday and then 6 miles on Sunday, but other than that I was just relaxing!  I ate dessert every day, cookies and cake balls and such.  I’m proud because I just kind of did what I wanted and tried to pay attention to my eating, trying not to eat too much.  I guess it worked!

Here’s what I did through the week:

  • Thursday – 3.86 miles run, 20 minutes yoga
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 2.13 miles run at 10,000 feet!
  • Sunday – 6 miles run again at Mirror Lake
  • Monday – 2.4 miles, Boot Camp
  • Tuesday – 1 hour yoga

So it’s back to Boot Camp this week.  Funny thing, I thought a week off from it would leave me all refreshed and ready to kill it, but that wasn’t the case.   I got my ass kicked on Monday!!  I am also thinking of trying another program that I bought a while ago, more focused on bodyweight and kettlebells.  We’ll see.  I don’t know if doing extra strength besides Boot Camp is smart or stupid.

I’m also kind of questioning what I’m doing and if it is indeed the right thing for me right now.  I am always doing that!!  I’m wanting to quit formally tracking my food, and I almost want to quit weighing so much again, maybe even just go to once a month.  I guess I can’t decide though, so for now I’m just waffling out loud.  I’ll probably just keep going like I have been.  The counting isn’t making me crazy, yet, so I guess I will keep doing it.

I want to do more yoga too, like daily even if it is just for 20-30 minutes.  I think it will help iron out the kinks in my body.  I got up and did it first thing this morning, even before coffee!  I always feel great after I do it so more is a good idea.

So yeah, a pound lost, go me 🙂

This week is the second of a little bit more mileage and two more running days.  I will read up on the program I’m thinking about doing, and get on the daily yoga.  I’m going to keep tracking my food this week, and stay off of the scale.  Running in the mountains was so much fun that I want to try again for at least one of my weekend runs, maybe my longer one on Sunday.  I’m ready to have a good week.

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